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Reception curriculum

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rrbrigi Wed 03-Apr-13 13:07:15


I had a parents evening and it seems my son is on the same stage as he was in October. However I think he improved a lot. But when I look at the paper that I got on the first parent evening in September and the paper that I got on the second parent evening in March he is on the same stage in all areas. I think there are 9 stages for each area in Reception.
Is there any curriculum on the internet that all school need to use and I can find out what these stages mean?

mrz Wed 03-Apr-13 13:42:29

" I think there are 9 stages for each area in Reception." these ELGs were replaced in September 2012

p24 onwards

rrbrigi Thu 04-Apr-13 14:15:25

Thanks for this mrz.

Do schools have the same curriculum Year 1 and Year 2 etc...? Is it on the internet?

mrz Thu 04-Apr-13 14:43:10

No Y1 and Y2 ect follow the National Curriculum which is currently under review

Draft (2014)

rrbrigi Fri 05-Apr-13 10:33:57

Thanks mrz. That is exactly what I wanted. Now I know what should my son know at the end of each year and I know which area he needs help at home. thanks

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