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2 children, different primary schools, is this possible?

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temmy99 Tue 02-Apr-13 11:12:18

Having returned after 2 years abroad (took my youngest son with me), I want him to go to the same school that his older sister is in (daughter is 10 years old and in year 5), but was informed that they don't have any spaces (son is 6 years old and in year 2). Went through the council and they have placed him in a different school which is in an opposite direction to my daughter's school. My dilemma is, how am I supposed to drop them off and pick them when they start and finish school at the same time? I understand that if there is no space there is no space but what are my options as I just cant figure out how I can drop them and pick them at the same time. confused

kw13 Tue 02-Apr-13 11:23:57

I have a friend who has this issue. She started thinking it would be really hard, but in the end has realized that it's worked really well. Things she has done: both parents (OK if you have both parents of course) have to do the school run, one to one school, one to the other. Pick ups. One does one, and one does the other. When that doesn't work timing/working hours wise, then after school club is used or another parent picks up and takes him home. You may find yourself using breakfast clubs/after school clubs a lot. Other parents will be able to help locally with info re childminders who might be able to pick up. Could your 10 year old go to school/come home from school on their own? Not always I absolutely understand an option. Good luck.

redskyatnight Tue 02-Apr-13 12:17:31

As your oldest is 10, can they be dropped off early/picked up late to accomodate (thinking of DS's school where the DC of this age tend to request this from choice!)?

If not, explore the option of sharing with another parent. (my DC are at different schools and this has saved our sanity!)

Will your DC do extra curricular activities at school? This will reduce the issue.
Otherwise, you can use breakfast/after school clubs or childminder.

temporary Tue 02-Apr-13 17:00:02

I do this, and it is really not such a pain as I first thought. I have coped as the posters above have mentioned with the use of breakfast clubs, partner if he is available.
I have never dropped either of them off late, although one is consistently late getting picked up by about 15 minutes which seems to be ok. If I am going to be later I lean on other mothers or neighbours.

AMumGoingMad Tue 02-Apr-13 22:06:19

Just like temporary I do this and have done for 2.5yrs and its absolutely fine. I have never dropped one of late, ever. The afternoons is more of a juggle. I use activity clubs to my advantage and I do lean on friends some days but actually this last term is the 1st time I've had a pick up clash that I've had to ask a friend to do a regular pick up for me. I'm surprised how well its worked out tbh. I do have it all written down for the afternoons because I have been known to turn up at the wrong school at the wrong pickup time LOL! Now its written down I don't do that!

purpleroses Wed 03-Apr-13 07:57:27

At 10, could your DD make her own way if it's not too far? My DS cycled 2 miles on his own for last term of primary when I moved DD to different school. And plenty Y5/6 walk to school on their own round here

EdithWeston Wed 03-Apr-13 08:01:03

How did DD get to and from school whilst you were working away? Can that be continued?

Is DS on waiting list for a place at DD's school? With a sibling there, he must be at/near the top.

RustyBear Wed 03-Apr-13 08:14:42

We have several parents with this problem at the junior school I work at, because the linked infant school had no room this year for several out-of-catchment siblings.
They use a combination of breakfast and after school clubs, sharing pickups and drop offs (you may find there's another parent with the same problem and you can each do one school). The school may be able to help - we have three or four children who wait just outside the school office after school until the younger one has been picked up, and in the mornings some of them are 'chair monitors' and allowed in early to put the stacked chairs out in their classroom.
You may find the problem is only for one term as next September your son will be in Year 3 and the infant class size limit won't apply.

mummytime Wed 03-Apr-13 08:22:20

My DCs primary actually takes an extra class at year 3, so lots of parents in years 3-6 have children at unlinked schools, some several miles away. With the use of clubs and lift shares it works well.

I have also known people have children at different infant schools, it took some juggling but did work in the end.

Can your 10 year old walk to school by herself? Is there a breakfast club/after school club at either school? Where do neighbouring children go? Can one of your children go with them? If you really know no-one, can you advertise in the school newsletters or help (often done at my DCs school).

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