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Recommendations for primary schools in Reigate/Redhill

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laileen Mon 01-Apr-13 11:44:14

I have just been offered a job in Redhill and looking at relocating from Eastbourne to Reigate/Redhill area. We are new to the UK (from the US) and have a 3 year old. Just trying to find out how best to research primary schools and neighborhoods to live in. Does anyone have opinions on raising a family in this area and good schools. It looks like we will have to find a place quite close to the school we decide on to have a reasonable chance on getting in.
Thank you

LIZS Mon 01-Apr-13 13:55:09

Demands for places is high in the area but there are plans to build a new primary school in the next few years between Redhill and Merstham. Few primary schools are not good in the area tbh although St Matthews had a recent not so good Ofsted. Most are separate infant and junior schools so you have to reapply . or a place for Year 3 (age 7) with relatively few , mainly faith schools, going through for 4 to 11. Distance can prove a deal breaker for a place and Surrey LA should publish the figures for this year's school applications soon. Depending on your budget you may choose to look at surrounding areas as central Redhill is not very attractive and housing limited. Reigate, for example, feels more cosmopolitan but you do need to be very local to your chosen school.

laileen Tue 02-Apr-13 20:30:20

Lizs, Thank you for the info

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