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Alternative/Arts school

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Sunbun Sun 31-Mar-13 04:39:48

Moving to London from US this summer, with DS starting Yr 7 in Sept. Looking for alternative private or public school with artistic or open/free slant. Any suggestions welcome.

mummytime Sun 31-Mar-13 10:05:50

All state schools have to follow the National Curriculum or close. You may also find it tricky to get into a State school of your choice (a public school inthe UK is not a state school). I would also suggest you learn a bit about UK schools as the curriculum and language of education is quite different from the US.

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 31-Mar-13 10:44:59

A little outside London, but is a boarding school. Bedales probably is what you are looking for.

Sunbun Sun 31-Mar-13 20:46:47

Happy Easter! Thank you for your comments. Anyone with any experience of Maharishi schools?

Picturesinthefirelight Sun 31-Mar-13 20:47:55

Never heard if them and dh is a teacher.

Picturesinthefirelight Sun 31-Mar-13 20:51:31

Just googled. I vaguely remember seeing a news article on this now. It's sort of Buddhist orcdonething (meditation) and there is only one in Lancashire other end if the country from London.

trinity0097 Sun 31-Mar-13 20:52:49

Frensham Heights?

InvaderZim Sun 31-Mar-13 20:54:05

You might try a Montessori? Fairly certain there is a Montessori primary in London.

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