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Schools in Brighton and Hove

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clarexbp Fri 29-Mar-13 17:36:02

Hello, Knowledgeable Mumsnetters,

I'm looking for a school for my 3yo DD in Brighton/Hove - she will be starting reception in Sept 2014. We live in the infamous Hove Black Hole, and, unless something quite drastic happens in the next year or so, we will not get her into any of the nearby state schools. In fact, there is a distinct possibility of getting assigned a school that is both miles away and very weak. So, we have started to look at the independents.

We've looked at Lancing Prep (I didn't take to it, don't know why) BHHS Juniors (loved, but worried about the all girls thing), Brighton College (LOVED, but further away, and apparently v few places for reception entry) and St Christopher's (liked, but worried about there not being enough girls).

Obviously, she's only three, so we don't really know what sort of child she is going to be. My hunch is that she might be quite academic (we both were - Oxbridge and all that), but I don't know for sure. There is dyslexia in the family, although early signs are that if she has got it, it's not likely to be very bad. Personality-wise, she is sociable but a bit shy, and a bit sensitive (but not terribly). In an ideal world I would find a school that was 50:50 boys and girls, had high academic standards without being stressful, and great teachers. Does such a place exist?

I'm rambling now, so I'll stop, but I feel like I'm going round in circles. Can anyone who knows these schools (or others that I've missed) give me any pointers?

Laura0806 Fri 29-Mar-13 18:04:10

my friend sends hers to windlesham and is very pleased with it ( prep school not far from brighton and hove girls school). Im not sure about the all girls thing, just taken my girls out of an all girls school not far from you but not the one you mention.

clarexbp Fri 29-Mar-13 18:08:13

Thanks Laura - we haven't looked at Windlesham yet, but probably should do. Another concern, and I KNOW that that is mad when she is three, is what happens for secondary school..? If we want to stay private and local, but not a girls' school, then we are looking at Lancing or Brighton College, both of which take mostly from 13. What do kids who leave primary at 11 do? I wonder where kids from Windlesham tend to move on to...

clarexbp Fri 29-Mar-13 18:14:46

PS hope you have found a nice new school for your girls.

Laura0806 Fri 29-Mar-13 19:13:19

children from windlesham tend to go all over the place I believe but ask when you visit. My friends children are going to Brighton college ( doesn't windlesham go up to 13?) but if not I am pretty sure schools like brighton college take from any age even though their main intake may be 13. Theres also Lewes grammar which may be too far but Ive heard nice things about. I always think with education the best thing is to take it one step at a time as you never know what psotiion you may be in or what their talents/ interests may be further down the line.

clarexbp Sat 30-Mar-13 13:10:57

Thanks Laura. Will definitely also have a look at Windlesham, and you're right, I need to chill a bit and just think about what she needs now :-)

3MonthMaid Sat 30-Mar-13 17:10:39

Are you sure that you are in the black hole? Things have changed a bit since Connaught opened and if you are creative with your choices you can get often get Goldstone too. If its the other side of Hove that's the problem, Stanford is quite unpredictable.

I'm looking at St Christopher's for my girl, I know people there and it seems lovely.

clarexbp Sat 30-Mar-13 18:18:13

Oooh, Maid, what did you think of St Christopher's? I really quite liked it, but was worried that it felt a bit cramped, and that there might never be enough girls. It also possibly felt a bit old-fashioned and a bit too religious for us (grace at lunch, hymn practice hmm). But, the teachers that we met were lovely, as was the Year 8 girl who showed us round, and I like the linkup with Brighton College.

Yes, maybe things will have eased with the state schools this year, although our nearest is Stanford, which didn't get its proposed extra class this year. I am going to be very interested to see the distances when they are published later this year (any idea when they come out?). I'm also hearing rumours that the Spanish bilingual school may be relocating to Hove.

3MonthMaid Sun 31-Mar-13 08:46:20

I think the distances will be out after the 16th April.

I haven't heard anything about the bilingual school moving but interesting if it is.

Yes, st Christopher's is maybe a bit cramped and old fashioned but I have friends with children in yr1 and yr2 and have met their whole classes and the girl/boy ratio seemed ok.

When I last spoke to them they were expecting a bit of an influx of children soon as st aubyns has closed?

gardener321 Mon 24-Jun-13 19:19:02

Hello Claire
Have you considered Deepdene School which is near you Hove? I think it would be a perfect match for you as it was for us (we are both Oxbridge like you and would love our children to have an education that might give them a chance to go to Oxbridge if they would like to). Deepdene has high academic standards (73% of their year six class gained scholarships and awards to their first choice senior schools this year) and it has a really nurturing atmosphere with brilliant teachers. Both my children are really happy at Deepdene. It takes children from Nursery all the way through to 11years. Unlike St Chrisophers, Deepdene has a good balance of boys and girls throughout the school. Deepdene has just had an amazing Ofsted report and been rated Outstanding in EVERY category. It is definitely worth reading! Best wishes

post Mon 24-Jun-13 19:35:55

Have a look at the dharma school.

clarexbp Tue 30-Jul-13 19:51:36

Thank you Gardener and Post. Sorry for v slow reply - I've only just spotted your posts. I haven't looked at Deepdene at all, but will do now - thank you. I went to an open day at the Dharma, and went really, really wanting to like it, but it was just a bit too dithery and disorganised....maybe it's not like that normally, but a chaotic school would drive me mad, so that one's been crossed off.

At the moment, all bets are on the bilingual Spanish school, but given that half of Hove are planning on applying, I'm not holding my breath... Failing that, probably Brighton College, but I'm not sure that she'll get a place there either.

(lies down).

3MonthMaid Tue 30-Jul-13 20:26:23

Hello again... We have decided on St Christopher's, many reasons for that, not least that they can stay to 13, after which there are a few more options.

The ratio of girls to boys is pretty much equal these days.

Brighton College is just too expensive and too far away to be ideal, deepdene is really not for us, BHHS is all girls which we don't want and a windlesham didn't appeal.

We are looking at admission into year 3 next year.

clarexbp Tue 30-Jul-13 20:52:02

Hi 3Month

maybe see you there in a year or so :-)

soolewis Sun 23-Feb-14 13:07:25

Try Sompting Abbotts Prep in nearby Lancing - lovely little school.

Brightonhome Sun 20-Apr-14 22:29:20

Hi 3MonthMaid. We have just got a bursary and scholarship worth 6,500pa off the fees of approximately 15,000pa for years 7 and 8 at BCPS. This makes it affordable for us. Reductions are there if you need them (and we need them!!)

clarexbp Mon 21-Apr-14 14:39:42

Good news Brightonhome - it looks like a great school.

Just to update, we decided to go for Brighton & Hove High School in the end, and our DD will be starting reception in Sept. If anyone else has also got a DD starting reception and would like to meet up beforehand, give me a shout. :-)

MissWimpyDimple Tue 22-Apr-14 18:22:03

Hello all.

I'm 3month after a name change grin

We didn't go private in the end. We stuck with our local school as DC was so distraught at moving. Now thinking will reserve funds for secondary.

Davigdor and Stanford were both well up in distances this year, 1115m and 903m so I think a lot more parents had options! As far as I know Davigdor was forced to take yet another bulge class so that helped a lot (though it must be stuffed to the rafters now!)

clarexbp Tue 22-Apr-14 19:44:07

Hi MissWD/3month

That is really interesting about the distances. Where did you find that out? I'd love to have a nosey. However, I think we would still just be too far from either...and as you say, poor old Davigdor must be fit to burst.

clarexbp Tue 22-Apr-14 19:49:22

Ignore me. Just found it the distances on the council's site. Here, if anyone else is interested.

archerabc Mon 28-Apr-14 15:12:40

I also recommend Deepdene School to fellow parents who are looking for recommendations. We looked at every independent school in the area and we felt Deepdene had the most positive and caring ethos and the best academic standards. It was absolutely the right choice for us as our children are very happy there and doing very well. The teachers are absolutely brilliant!

ellasmummy8 Tue 29-Apr-14 13:26:57

Hi archerabc my daughter has a taster morning next week at Deepdene it's so lovely to hear nice things about the school I can wait to have a look! Can you tell me what she is likely to expect at the taster?

Thank you smile

Jayne76 Mon 19-May-14 22:25:36

St Christopher's is a lovely family school and my 2 (boy and girl) love it. Highly recommend.

peaches98 Fri 12-Sep-14 00:09:45

Can someone help me please. What are the fees for Deepdene ???

Jessicamayellis Mon 30-Nov-15 22:40:16

Point of information about Deepdene School as the school does not seem to be updating their website with their new Inadequate rating by Ofsted. Deepdene had a new Headteacher in September 2014 and there have been lots of changes. It is no longer Outstanding. Deepdene is now rated Inadequate by Ofsted overall and is requiring improvement in every category.

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