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Moving to Oxford.

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sluggishMum Fri 29-Mar-13 17:01:21

Hi All,
My son is joining MCS in Sept this year. So we are moving to Oxford during summer. But not sure which about which part of oxford is better for us. I read about headington is more popular among college students and is little noisy sometimes. Also did not read good about cowley road side. Summertown looks promising. What is your suggestion? Is there any particular area of oxford where most of the MCS kids come from? Just want to know so that over weekend if kid wants to meet his friends, it would be easy.
Many thanks for your help.

wearymum200 Fri 29-Mar-13 19:01:44

Oxford is small as cities go and public transport is good, so getting about within the city is easy. Lots of MCS boys come in from outside the city, so you might need a car to do meet ups at weekends.
Where to live depends on your priorities and budget. Summertown most expensive, good neighbourhood shops. Jericho is a bit more edgy than Summertown (a bit staid), but also very pleasant and popular. Headington has a large student presence, but is actually mainly families. Iffley village is also good. Old Marston has a villagey feel, if you like that idea.
Try posting on the local board for Oxford with a bit more detail and there will prob be lots of helpful responses!

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