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The Avenue Nursery and Pre Prep N6

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Chipsbigbowl Wed 27-Mar-13 17:24:36

Hi, does anyone have experience of The Avenue? Ofsted looks good and web looks great. Don't do tours before being offered a place, so wondered if anyone has experience of them. Thanks in advance smile

Chipsbigbowl Wed 27-Mar-13 22:51:44

Bump? Anyone?

Chipsbigbowl Sat 30-Mar-13 17:01:53

One last go! Anyone?

horsemadmom Sat 30-Mar-13 19:51:50

I know people who sent their DCs there long ago. Not many recently. Gone off the boil maybe? I'd be very wary of a school that won't let you see it before you take a place (and presumably pay). Didn't want you to feel ignored.

Chipsbigbowl Sat 30-Mar-13 20:33:57

Thanks for the reply horsemad- much appreciated. That's interesting. They do say how oversubscribed they are, so there must be a parent lurking somewhere. Yes, disappointing re looking at the place - they do have an open evening but we've just missed it. Gah!

traintracks Mon 01-Apr-13 22:49:24

I don't think they are oversubscribed. I know someone who has got a place there after her daughter didn't get into Channing, she rang up within the last month or so and has got a place for this September. I looked round it, I liked the head and it seemed a very nice, friendly place but I have heard rumours that it has gone off the boil with regard to 7+ results. Rumour only though, I haven't looked at any actual data on where the children go at 7.

Chipsbigbowl Tue 02-Apr-13 22:12:37

Thanks vm Train.
Hmmm- I didn't ask re 7+ results. Maybe I'll call up and try and get some data. Someone recommended I look at the Avenue as I'm ideally looking for to send DS before (hopefully) Highgate. Ive heard good things about Hampstead Hill but as I'm crouch end based I can't face the journey (and I don't drive- yet- and public transport over to hampstead is a headache). Do you have any recommendations for a 'feeder' other than the Avenue? Thanks again smile

traintracks Wed 03-Apr-13 05:34:48

Norfolk house has a good reputation but goes to 11 so probably won't prepare them for 7+ and I think has a longer waiting list but maybe worth a try. That and HHS are the only ones I know without competitive assessments to get in. I think Highgate is the main destination from The Avenue at 7 so worth asking about their results.

emanuela Wed 03-Apr-13 12:34:36

Apparently the Avenue gives a "holistic" education. The children do a lot of arts and crafts, gardening etc.

It is not as academic as HHS , but I have a friend who rejected a place at a top boys school to leave her son at the avenue.

The trip to HHS is a pain but worth it. You can take the w5 to archway and then the c11. Alternatively (but I am not sure), doesn't the train from crouch hill go to hampstead Heath train station? It is a very short walk from there. When it is very cold I take a minicab (12 pounds from a similar distance like yours, expensive but not incredibly so).

HHS is a sure bet. Having said that, if your child is not Highgate or Ucs material he won't get in anyway, but the preparation is the best ever.

My son is not a genius (I like being objective, apologies if I don't think my children are the best in the world at everything) but you should see him reading and spelling. Beyond mine and my husband's wildest dreams. And he is only in reception...

And the children are so confident and funny...

Don't discount HHS, it is the best pre-prep out there...

horsemadmom Thu 04-Apr-13 12:17:52

Agree with emanuela. HHS is the best of the best. Look into the school bus scheme and do lift shares. I used to share with 2 other families and it was fine- I had 5 booster seats for the purpose.
BTW emanuela, in reception I wouldn't have pegged my DS as a genius either (there goes my Jewish Mother Of The Year award!) but HHS spotted that he was just one of those boys who needed time to grow up. And he did! What you see when they move up to their next schools is the contrast between HHS kids and most others- they are kind, confident, independent and have a healthy respect for authority. It was a shock to meet some of the whingey brats out there.

Chipsbigbowl Thu 04-Apr-13 19:56:28

Thanks for the feedback emanuela and horsemad. I will look at HHS. Definite gap in the market our side of the Heath I think....

emanuela Fri 05-Apr-13 12:14:40

I agree. I have thought about setting up a prep /pre-prep inn6/n10/n8 many times, I just lack the funds and risk-taking frame of mind.

3kidsplusTshirt Tue 09-Jun-15 09:26:50

I have contacted the Avenue Nursery recently as my DD (my 3rd child) is 6 months old and I am beginning to look into Nurseries for her. I was offered several dates for a tour of the School and the member of staff showing me around could not have been more helpful!

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