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Motivating a 5 year old

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mamababa Tue 26-Mar-13 22:01:20

So, parents evening. I am told DS struggles to focus and concentrate for any length of time. Ask teacher if I can help, by lengthening his attention span. she says she has found nothing and that he is 'frustrating as he is capable'. Apparently he is bright and stuff is going in but he doesn't focus really at all. Will this come with age? Can I assist his concentration. Thanks

Hassled Tue 26-Mar-13 22:06:34

Yes, it will come with age. How is his attention span with something he really loves - what are his obsessions? Is there a marked difference in how much attention he can pay to one thing versus another?

Schmedz Tue 26-Mar-13 22:07:18

It will hopefully come with age. My DD is in Year 4 and I still get the same feedback. Thinking of getting an EdPsych assessment....

suebfg Tue 26-Mar-13 22:10:31

My son has good concentration at the same age. This may be down to his personality - he's not particularly sporty so is quite happy to sit down and concentrate. However, we do try to limit access to TV and computer games and encourage him to play board games and do jigsaws.

mamababa Tue 26-Mar-13 22:15:48

He loves the TV and focusses on this but I do limit it. He is not a sit down and draw/colour child. Outside he'll potter in the garden or he likes role play and imaginative play with transformers/Lego/buzz lightyear and so on.

simpson Tue 26-Mar-13 22:25:55

Would he play pairs the card game?

Or a game in which you show him various every day items on a tray and then after letting him look at it then cover it up and see how many he could remember.

This was recommended to a friend of mine whose DD found it hard to concentrate.

mamababa Tue 26-Mar-13 22:33:15

Simpson I will try the game. He likes games but does lose interest. But maybe trying to play various ones will lengthen his attention span! Thanks

RiversideMum Wed 27-Mar-13 05:25:55

It depends in what way there is lack of focus. Does he persevere at anything? Does he stick a something longer if you play alongside him?

suebfg Wed 27-Mar-13 21:42:43

My son loves imaginative play too and playing with Lego. Making Lego models and following the instructions takes a great deal of concentration! If he can concentrate doing that, he can concentrate doing anything! Maybe it's just that he concentrates on things he likes doing - don't we all!!!

Bobyan Thu 28-Mar-13 00:13:28

My DS's favourite school subject is according to his teacher Play-doh!

mamababa Thu 28-Mar-13 22:08:10

Thanks all. He will play on his own for ages. When I asked him he said its because it's boring. He just wants to be off playing. Hopefully it will improve with age smile

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