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Any other teachers do this?

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juniper9 Fri 29-Mar-13 22:00:30

I've opened threads wondering if they're referring to me. I always wear those comedy glasses with bushy eyebrows and a big nose for parents' evening- that way, I'm easily identifiable.

PenguinBear Fri 29-Mar-13 15:06:36

Yeah - never found anything yet!

TwllBach Thu 28-Mar-13 14:40:39

I started a thread asking the same thing before Christmas grin

lakeofshiningwaters Thu 28-Mar-13 14:37:16

I suspect you are not alone but wonder if anyone else will be brave enough to admit it??

tiggytape Thu 28-Mar-13 09:12:09

That's funny - what identifiable things do you do or say at parents' evening that would enable you to recognise yourself here? All our parents' evenings have been very samey.

StuffezLaBouche Thu 28-Mar-13 08:39:18

Oh I know I am tragic - evidently it's just me! :-)

bubblesinthebath Wed 27-Mar-13 22:05:46

That's really sad Stuffez so has anyone been as bored as you then?

StuffezLaBouche Tue 26-Mar-13 19:19:53

Scour the education boards the following days after parents' evenings to see if any of your mums have written about you? :-)

Yes I am bored!

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