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Jump in book bands - recommendations

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LegoWidow Tue 26-Mar-13 16:43:56

DS has been on orange reading level for the last few weeks but has just come home and said that he was assessed today and he's been moved up 3 levels to gold. I'm not surprised that he's been moved up (he was finding orange easy) but I wasn't expecting a jump of a few levels - he's really proud of himself (as am I!), which is great. He's not got a new book from school yet though as it wasn't his actual reading day today.

Anyway - what kind of books should I be getting for him? Not sure where to pitch it at his age/level. I'm keen to get him some new books to take on holiday with us over Easter and would like to get him something that would interest him and be appropriate.

The most recent things that I've bought/got from the library for him to read are the Allen Ahlberg - Happy Families books which he really enjoyed (no idea what level they'd equate to - I'm not fixated on levels - just want to get something appropriate).

Any suggestions? He's loving reading at the moment and often reads to himself in bed after we've read with him. He's got the bug now and I'm keen to encourage that so any suggestions would be gratefully received!

LegoWidow Wed 27-Mar-13 19:30:33

Ha, yes periwinkle! Funnily enough - he wants more Biff and Chip books. He asked me today to get him some school type reading books (by which he means Biff and Chip type books) and not "normal books" but I grabbed the opportunity to move away from that kind of thing! I think he's a little way off chapter books yet but ones like the "Ricky Ricotta" ones seem to be the right level and have piqued his interest!

I have pushed him in that I've made him read every night and also I've had in mind that I wanted to see if he could get to purple by the end of the year (but I didn't tell him that) - but hopefully I've stopped short of being "pushy" as it were.

Thanks again.

Periwinkle007 Wed 27-Mar-13 19:39:31

there is encouraging and getting them to work a little bit (ie recognise that to achieve you have to put in some effort) and then there is pushing by making them work for hours every night and never have any fun. sounds like you have a good balance to me.

I make my 2 read every day even if it is only a little bit and I do think I have pushed my elder daughter a bit (I feel bad about that because we have just discovered she has some sort of visual processing disorder and are awaiting coloured glasses - I have been telling her off for missing full stops or misreading words I know she knows very well when it now turns out she can't actually see them once she gets tired or if they are black print on white paper, very bad mother alert!)

if he REALLY wants biff etc he can do some on Oxford Owl's website - free e-books at each level but he probably thinks he wants them for the security of knowing he will be able to read them, once he really realises he can just pick up an interesting story and read it he won't be pining for chip.

LegoWidow Wed 27-Mar-13 20:15:45

Thanks Periwinkle - that's the balance we aim for isn't it (but don't always achieve!). That's good that they have identified your daughter's disorder - don't feel bad though!

Yes, I think you are right, it's a security thing re wanting Biff and Chip etc. I don't think he's quite made the leap yet that reading is reading and he can read any book (well any book aimed roughly at his level, iyswim) We do look at Oxford Owl (that was the first thing he wanted to do when he got home yesterday after moving up to "gold" - to log on and look at what a gold book looks like).

I also bribed him with a new Skylander for every level that he moved up. Not sure what that translates to, with moving up 3 levels in one go!

Periwinkle007 Wed 27-Mar-13 20:44:42

hehe - see if you can get away with one and wait to see if he asks for another 2!

It is hard. you want to encourage them but you still need to make sure they understand that school work is important even if they don't feel like it so have to be firm about it at times.

freetrait Sat 06-Apr-13 22:29:30

Hooray! Gold = you can access lots and lots of books and may never look at an ORT book again grin. Try usborne books and stuff from the library

Ah yes, I think Horrid Henry may be coming your way!!!!!

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