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How do I decide between 2 good schools??!!

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leatherlover Tue 26-Mar-13 11:41:27

Dear MN'ers I haven't posted for ages but am hoping you kind souls will offer me your advice...We are moving to area that is smack bang in the middle of 2 good primary schools. They are both CofE (one VC and one VA incidentally). One is twice the size of the other with more space, better sports facilities and newly refurbed buildings so a bit more swanky looking. Both schools were inspected last in 2010. The swanky one was a good with some outstanding features and the smaller more rustic one was an outstanding in all areas except 1. The head of that one was described as an 'inspirational leader'. Both heads have been in their posts for over 10 years. The swanky head believes that SATS are a valuable tool when implemented in the right way, the rustic one says they serve only to make schools look good in league tables and boycotted them 2 years ago when they had the choice. The swanky school has turned out over achieving year 6's in maths and English over the last 3 years. The rustic one has seen maths results go down in the middle years over the last 2 years and their last inset was focused on bringing it up. My 7 year old daughter who will be joining one of them in yr 3 can't make up her mind which SHE likes better either!!! Any ideas? Thank you!

Teachercreature Sat 30-Mar-13 11:44:12

No problem smile I was stressing like mad when I had to find a school for my own DD so I sympathise!

educator123 Sat 30-Mar-13 14:34:49

I've been so stressed since the end of last year trying to decide what's best - think I just need to let go of the walking down the road and think of the other positives the children have to gain.

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