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Would this concern you?

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Cat98 Fri 22-Mar-13 18:39:19

Ds is 4 and in reception. He is very advanced for his age (I know, I know - typical mn child wink seriously though, his teacher has flaggged it up so its not just us, and she says typically he's working at yr1/2 levels for literacy and "way beyond" this for numeracy, as well as picking things up very quickly in all areas.

He is, however, quite emotionally young - not excessively so, but probably about normal for his age or a little below. He's one of the youngest in the year.
He apparently sometimes doesn't listen well during carpet time, the teacher says it's partly because she has to "pitch carpet time to the middle and he often already knows what she's asking the others". She knows this, but also has asked us to reinforce at home that it's important to listen to her and the other children, which of course we have.

Anyway - he's already in a mixed nursery and reception class, though nursery are only there for 2 hours of the day. But next year, because of numbers, apparently there's a chance he and just a few others from his year will be kept in year R in a mixed year R/1 class (but also nursery too for the 2 hours.) It is done strictly on birthdate, so even though he's the most advanced academically in the class he would stay "down".

Now I know it may help him being emotionally young, but I'm also a bit worried about his academic progress - the teacher said she's try and stretch him but if he's already bored in carpet time won't he be even more so next year? I love his school but aibu to be a little concerned about this? Or do you think it can work ok?

thank you

formicaqueen Sat 30-Mar-13 22:23:20

It will be fine. My DS was in the same boat as yours 6 year ago - youngest, working far ahead but socially shy.

Half the class stayed in reception and it was a mixed ability year 1 group with some very bright kids. They were all taught the Y1 syllabus and mostly worked separately to the reception kids (with teacher or TA). Also while the reception year were playing (as they did every afternoon), the Y1 group received quite a lot of extra small group teaching. At the end of the year they had made huge unexpected jumps in maths and also my DS had had the opportunity to grow in confidence and lead the younger ones. The only temporary concern was that they hadn't done as much written work as the mixed Y1/Y2 class but actually they quickly caught up in Y2. And now years later, it hasn't made a jot of difference. It really hasn't.

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