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Wellingborough primary schools ...

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Snowme Tue 19-Mar-13 01:27:16

Your recommendations?

The Avenue School is our closest one street away.
On moving here, I was unaware this was the most sought after infant school in the town confused therefore my daughter has been stuck on the Year 1 In Year Admission waiting list since we moved here 7 months ago.

My son starts Reception this September and is also down for this school as 1st choice. I put St Barnabus as 2nd (not realising it isn't even the next closest, All Saints is). No 3rd choice put down. I assumed he'd get Avenue on proximity alone.

If it all goes pear shaped, as a local, which school do you recommend? Also given my daughter will be moving up to junior school next year 2014 anyway.. (junior school is a couple of streets away from us too).

DD currently at old school in Earls Barton, but transport issues have been fraught, will probably not improve, and strong possibility children at two different schools miles apart this coming September sad

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