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Park Hill, Fulwood, Fairlop, Avanti court.. Any advice on these redbridge primary schools?

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leafy786 Tue 19-Mar-13 21:17:38

Thank you so much, that's really helpful, fingers crossed that DS will get in! Park Hill was put down as our first choice, I'm regretting it a little, wondering if its too late to ask to swap choices blush

skratta Tue 19-Mar-13 18:31:41

Yes! Finally! My area!

Fullwood is a great school. Headteacher (Mr Visvanathan- kids call him Mr Vis). There is good music available, with a choir, a recorder club, good in class lessons in general and a lot of musicals/plays, separate for Infants and Juniors. They have quite a few sporty type things and go to competitions but they don't have specific teams and it is quite relaxed about it. School buildings are generally good, and the playground for the Infants is very good, better than Juniors. In summer, they can go on a large field, which is great, and they do a lot of charity events. In the older years, they get to do more activities, but all the years have good and comparatively cheap (if there can ever be a cheap school trip!) trips. Teacher wise, they are generally nice in my experience going up the school (my children started in the American School of London then came to Fullwood) and it is quite diverse and generally nice. Good outdoor space and good facilities.mthe headteacher is very nice but recently had a horrifying incident, back at work now- if you happen to read this, sending best wishes Mr Vis- and he is really great with the children. He knows all their names basically and is very fun with the little ones especially and the School Council is for all past Yr1 I think, and everyone can be involved so that is good. For Reception, play areas are good and they have quite a good attitude towards work, with a lot of fun and play involved, but also learning too. The first few years are great, as are all of them, and the school has a lot of parental involvement (although I didn't have the time or inclination tbh!) My two children were on different levels, one was very good/intelligent and went on to grammar, the other was average but good at sports, the school catered for them both and my first DC did feel stretched.

I am sorry to say- no experience of Fairlop apart from when I visited when getting DC into Fullwood and looking round schools. It seemed nice and the teachers seemed great with the DC and we went around in Exhibition Evening, and there were some older children doing a bake sale for charity, and the head was generally chatting with the current students and the head seemed friendly, and the teachers did too BUT I have no real experience! Just want to say, I lovedFullwood as did my DC! But Fairlop also seemed good to me.

leafy786 Tue 19-Mar-13 00:35:28

Does anyone have any experience of/opinions of these schools, I'm interested in all aspects but particularly confused about which might be best at stretching more able children.
DS's preschool have said he is more able and that he should go to a school where he will be stretched o/w he will get bored and frustrated.
I'm not sure how best to find this out? Can anyone advise? Thanks

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