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Bright, articulate 5 year old struggling with phonics...will my tactic help or hinder?

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NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Mon 18-Mar-13 22:07:01

DD turned 5 last week....she's been struggling to retain the you ask her "Point to the n" and she might say it and she might not.

she's developed more interest in letters and reading lately according to her teacher but the teacher has impressed the need to get her to know all the sounds by Summer,.

She's bright, articulate and her fine motor skills are good so she can actually write quite well.

I have been lazy...I have read to her but not done any "work" with her apart from crafting and reading....partly because I am busy and work...and partly because I found phonics confusing.

Anyway...I began trying to get her to learn a few more letters on sight...and noticed she couldn't retain them for'd show her the letter and then she'd seem to "Get it" but then forget 5 mins later. Some she knows reliably because they are distinctive such as X or Z or i...also the letters in her own name and some other distinctive ones.

However there are some she didn't seem able to retain.

So I changed tactics last week and likened the letters to a t for instance...I said it looked like a tree...with a couple of branches...t for tree. She's retained that just fine ...I made her a V out of Plasticine and said V for van...then "vroomed" it around the table...she retained that and still remembered it at bedtime.

I did the same for n....I said it looked a bit like a sad mouth....and then pulled a sad face and "cried" in a "Nuh, nuh, nuh" way...she remembered that too and still does a week later.

I did others too... Is it bad to do this though? Should I not in case it confuses her? The phonics method of looking at the ants and doing the movement don't help her recognise the letters at all...she knows ALL the if you say a letter then she does the movement and says the sound but she;s not relating it to the actual image of the letter...

HiggsBosonAteMyKitten Wed 20-Mar-13 12:13:54

this may not be at all relevant to your DD, but have you considered having her eyesight tested? DS really struggled badly with phonics, until we realised that not only did he have glue ear but was also very long sighted. Once we'd got those sorted out he was fine. Just a thought

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Wed 20-Mar-13 12:49:07

Thank you Higgs they've been done and are fine as is her hearing. LearnandSay that was my thought a preschooler DD showed no interest in learning to read...she's always loved books I just read to her....I wasn't going to try to teach a 3 year old her letters unless she was that way inclined.

I also think the teacher is a bit pushy as the school is outstanding and she wants her class to reach their goals I suppose.

She recognises numbers already...I actually think DD is a bit of a minx and sometimes she just doesn't fancy sitting and doing work....she certainly knows more letters than the teacher indicated to me.

She also had 5 weeks off at Chrismas instead of 2 and had a bit of a time settling in after than period...she needed to re-settle iykwim. I think that's set her back a bit.

ash979 Fri 22-Mar-13 20:09:07 got good games on as has for free, she will need phase two initially for her level now but should be aiming for completing phase four by the end if reception

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