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Help needed! Schools in Raynes Park / New Malden?

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SaskiaB Mon 18-Mar-13 21:54:03

Hi There

Ive recently had twins (3 months old) and am frantically house hunting before I go back to work.

We're looking at Raynes Park / New Malden which are pretty much the only areas in or near to SW London that we can afford for the space we need.

Does anyone know anything about the schools in this area? Both primary and secondary?

Thanks so much xx

GreenMunchkin Mon 18-Mar-13 23:37:54

They are different boroughs. Raynes Park is in Merton and I'm afraid I don't know anything about schools there. New Malden is Kingston and the Kingston Council website will give you links to the admissions information. The brochure for 2013 entry, although not relevant to you for this year, will give a flavour of popularity and entry statistics.

In terms of Ofsted, Burlington and Coombe get the best reports. Burlington is large and although it has expanded in recent years (4 form entry) the high birth rate and sibling rate means its catchment seems to be shrinking. We are expecting to be assigned it (2nd choice though I naively thought we'd get our first choice). If you are looking at property around the high street, close to the library and just into the Groves you should be ok. I don't know about Coombe but it is right in an area of extremely high property prices and is always oversubscribed. If you can afford the 7 figure properties up that way then you may get in.

The two church schools are both always oversubscribed. They are both in the Groves which is a mostly nice part of the area but you get less and less for your money and there are a lot of families. Corpus Christi is the Catholic school and rarely needs to go beyond baptised Catholics when considering applications. It is a nice school but unless you are signed up to the Catholic faith then forget it. Christ Church is almost next door and is also oversubscribed. If you worship at Christ Church or its affiliated church on Kingston road then you are in with a chance but it has a high sibling rate and often doesn't need to go that far from the school when it comes to selecting for the remainder of places on distance.

Other options are Malden Manor if you end up looking at the slightly better value but further from the station properties very close to the A3 or just over. It gets variable reviews but I do know someone who moved their child from there. Towards Kingston is Kings Oak which used to be called the Mount. It is being turned around, so I'm led to believe but I wouldn't send my child there at the moment. It is never oversubscribed which speaks for itself. If you are looking close to the Hogsmill and the border with Surbiton/Berrylands then Grand Avenue is another option. New building, expanded in recent years and I know people who are very happy with it but again, popularity means its catchment is shrinking.

Schools can change so much in 4 years and the increased birth rate and the increase in families moving further out and into the Kingston area in search of houses is going to put even more pressure on spaces.

Mrsrobertduvall Tue 19-Mar-13 20:34:17

Agree with all GreenMunchkin says.
There's also Malden Parochial which is a good school if you look at houses in Old Malden.
Christchurch has recently had a good ofsted.

Secondaries..Coombe Girls is outstanding girls , and its federated school, Coombe Boys is on the up. I have children at each and am delighted, especially with the boys.
Catholic Holy Cross and Richard Challoner. Both excellent.

Pm me if you want any info..I know a great local estate agent who lives in the area and is very knowledgeable.

Mrsrobertduvall Tue 19-Mar-13 20:36:43

Meant to add......
In Raynes Park there's St Matthews which is C of E, and Hollymount..both good schools. hollymount expanding.
West Wimbledon is rated outstanding, and if you're Catholic there's Sacred Heart..head retiring this year.
Raynes Park High is not rated very highly by most.

GreenMunchkin Tue 19-Mar-13 20:53:18

Mrsrobertduvall - does the EA you know who lives locally work for an agents beginning with the letter C?

Also, it doesn't really help with secondary as you'd probably be outside the usual distance catchment for Coombe Girls and probably Hollyfield (mixed in Surbiton) but if you ventured to Berrylands you might be in with a chance of Christchurch Surbiton as I think it is expanding. It's well thought of.

Unless you are Catholic you'd be unlikely to get into Holy Cross or Richard Challoners. There's no shortage of 'practicing' Catholics from across the borough.

Mrsrobertduvall Wed 20-Mar-13 06:47:22

No..but I know Mr J at C too!!
I am thinking of GR.

LadyEnglefield Wed 20-Mar-13 10:17:48


I have twin girls who are in Y2 at Hollymount in Raynes Park (or West Wimbledon if you're being posh!) and have been there since nursery.

The school has recently expanded to 2 form entry & undergone extensive building work which means it is now a bright, airy school with lovely new facilities (including fantastic new ICT suite). The new FSU area is lovely, as are the staff.

A recent Ofsted report downgraded the school from good to requires improvement which came as a shock to both staff and pupils. However, plans have quickly been put in place to rectify any shortcomings. I do have a few minor complaints about the school but not enough to move my DDs.

My girls are very happy at Hollymount and are doing very well. It has a very active PTA which raises lots of money for the school, the HT & staff are all very friendly & approachable as are the vast majority of parents. There are certainly not 'school gate' problems a lot of MNetters suffer from!

I hope this helps.

SaskiaB Wed 20-Mar-13 22:58:45

Thanks for all the info ladies! Really useful!
Would love to have more details on the local estate agents you speak of!

Mrsrobertduvall Thu 21-Mar-13 12:11:38

HaVe PMed you.

Lady E...surprised with the ofsted for Hollymount. Lovely school..head is fab.

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