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Dulwich Prep (Kent) or Marlborough House

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conorsrockers Wed 20-Mar-13 17:43:11

Trufflette - my kids are at one of those schools - pm me if you want more info. In a nutshell, they are both very good.

Trufflette Mon 18-Mar-13 20:15:21

Thinking of sending DS and DD to one of these schools. Both seem good academically with good facilities for extra curricular activities. I have one very bright child who is outgoing and confident and one not so. I want them both to be able to blossom, fulfil their academic and any other potential and most of all to be confident and happy children. We will have to sacrifice a lot to send them to prep school and I want to make sure we make the right choice. We have done as much research as we are able, but having only recently moved to the area, don't know anyone with children at either school. Any advice in this regard is gratefully received.

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