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What is in year 2 / ks1 sats?

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absolutelyflawed Fri 15-Mar-13 22:51:39

As it says really! Thanks

ipadquietly Fri 15-Mar-13 23:00:13

I'm sure, if you are that concerned, you would have googled 'year 2 sats', and several old Y2 sats papers would have appeared, so I question why you're asking. That will give you your answer.

However, Y2 end of year assessment is the teacher's assessment of the child's level through continuous assessment of work in class against national curriculum levels. The SATs tests can be given at any time between Jan and June, and the results are used to support the teacher's assessments.

(We've done our SATs already.)

postmanpatscat Fri 15-Mar-13 23:56:05

We have to assess reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, maths and science. Anyone who did not pass the phonics screening check in Y1 also has to do it again in Y2.

ipadquietly Sat 16-Mar-13 00:16:34

No the don't * postman. It's at the HT's discretion. S/he can enter a 'D' against a child's name ig s/he thinks it is a waste of time retesting.

Feenie Sat 16-Mar-13 00:58:05

We have to assess reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, maths and science.

Yes - exactly the same as Y1, Y2, Y3, etc.

The only difference is it is reported to parents and the assessment has include a test as a small part. But it's the exact same assessment procedure.

Feenie Sat 16-Mar-13 01:00:07

No the don't postman. It's at the HT's discretion. S/he can enter a 'D' against a child's name ig s/he thinks it is a waste of time retesting.*

You can bet that they would have to have a damn good reason not to though. SIPs are all over these results atm.

ipadquietly Sat 16-Mar-13 11:22:50

We are on the basis of Y2 reading assessments. In our recent Ofsted, the inspectors didn't even comment on the phonics test, only on progress in reading.

mrz Sat 16-Mar-13 12:51:55

But the phonics check is not about reading assessments confused

ipadquietly Sat 16-Mar-13 13:18:13

I disagree. Early phonics teaching (which I agree with wholeheartedly BTW) gives the children a tool to help them progress more quickly with reading.

mrz Sat 16-Mar-13 13:35:54

it is also a tool for spelling ...

ipadquietly Sat 16-Mar-13 13:52:30

I agree with that too! grin. Spelling in the early years has come on leaps and bounds since daily phonics lessons were introduced.

mrz Sat 16-Mar-13 14:07:31

Therefore the phonics check is about more than reading assessments

mrz Sat 16-Mar-13 14:11:23

I won't be re-checking those pupils who scored 30-31 last year

ipadquietly Sat 16-Mar-13 14:13:23

How does the phonics check test a child's spelling? We all know of children who read well phonetically, but have a mental block when it comes to spelling. It's not the same skill.

mrz Sat 16-Mar-13 14:24:06

If that's the case ipadquietly I would definitely be repeating the phonics check for those pupils

ipadquietly Sat 16-Mar-13 14:24:32

Personally, I think rechecks could have been done in the Autumn term (using the 2012 words) - leaving it a year is just taking the piss. I really can't see the reasoning behind it. Any child scoring poorly last year should have been given phonics intervention and his/her progress carefully monitored over the year. Giving a test the following June will have no impact on the child nor the data! hmm

And why all the expensive packs and courses for teachers who did the check last year? Why can't they just e-mail the words to headteachers on a particular date in June, we print them out and test the children? Geeeeeeeezzzzzzz.... all this money wasting makes my blood boil!

learnandsay Sat 16-Mar-13 14:28:58

Some bright spark probably worried that emailing the words out might let people see it who shouldn't and then some children might get a sneak peek.

mrz Sat 16-Mar-13 14:32:59

Perhaps the government are afraid some schools will be "teaching to the test" if the same words were used and I can just imagine the excuses if a child failed again in autumn ...they didn't give schools time to teach these children ... it would rate with all the good readers failing because of pseudo words.

And why all the expensive packs and courses for teachers who did the check last year? I can't answer that as it isn't happening in my LEA. I administered the test last year and will again this year training.

learnandsay Sat 16-Mar-13 14:35:52

What is a course for a phonics test? Can't the testers just have a set of instructions? The child is the one doing all the work!

Feenie Sat 16-Mar-13 14:39:40

I administered the test also - The Y1 teachers and I watched the training video.

mrz Sat 16-Mar-13 14:41:22

The testers do get a set of instructions and a video ... actually each child works for about 2 minutes and the person administering the check considerably longer per child in completing the paperwork.

Mashabell Sat 16-Mar-13 15:47:05

all this money wasting makes my blood boil!

Mine too, but the stupidity of having to test reading with nonsense words makes many teachers even angrier because the pronunciations of many English letters and letter strings depend on the words they are in:
o: on - only - once - other: ou: sound - soup - double ...

The phonics test is a criminal waste of time and money.

mrz Sat 16-Mar-13 15:50:05

I thought you would like the nonsense words masha since most of your posts are nonsense

ClayDavis Sat 16-Mar-13 15:59:19

Congratulations, on what must be your shortest ever list though.

ipadquietly Sat 16-Mar-13 16:01:03

Must be my LA wasting money then - all Y1 teachers administering the test had to attend a half day course this year as well (even if they are the same teachers who administered it last year....)

learnandsay just have a vision of parents hacking into school emails to get sneak preview.....grin

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