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Westbrook Hay or Berkhamsted Prep School

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tutunelly Thu 14-Mar-13 16:18:53

Any advice as to how to decide between prep schools near Berkhamsted/ Hemel Hempstead? DS can start nursery this year/ reception next.
We have seen WBH and Berko Sch (which is now on the old Haresfoot site till year 2). Both have their plus points and we have lots to consider (especially as this is a huge long term financial commitment).
My experience of primary school was not a happy one and I guess finding a happy place for him is my priority but, also want DS to have the chances that we didn't have so good academic foundation is vital too.

bretta73 Wed 24-Apr-13 16:17:06

Our kids are at WBH but we are moving them to Berko!

WBH is a perfectly good school in lovely grounds (although the winding driveway can be a pain to get down in the mornings), but we concluded that if we were to continue down the private route then we would want them to go to Berko at 11 or 13, so why not just get them in now?

However some parents don't like the fact that the Prep school lacks open space, whilst it has more of a Christian ethos than WBH (if that bothers you).

wiggiewoo Mon 29-Apr-13 21:58:25

My DS is at WBH in nursery and we and he absolutely love it. Really family friendly school and love the fact that the children are outside so much. The drive is not really that bad if you time it right.

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