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Arghhelp Sun 10-Mar-13 23:27:48

Hello everyone

We are having a parent interview at Arnold House in the fall this year (Sept/Oct) and were wondering if anyone would be willing to let us know what kind of questions we would be asked so that we can be prepared. It is the first choice of school for us as we have a son who needs to be in a smaller more nurturing type of school and we are desperate for any information that anyone would be willing to share re the parent and child assessments there? PLeeeeeease? Thanks so much..

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Twistynickers Thu 14-Mar-13 18:08:34

I found the Arnold House assessment very strange.

10 min assessment of the boy. Usual age appropriate stuff

And 45 mins interview with the head. We left feeling we had n

Twistynickers Thu 14-Mar-13 18:10:14


Not actually said anything. We were just spoken to by the head for 45 mins.

Not sure what you can make of that. Hope it's useful.

Oh, we did not get in. But did get into the more academic Hall.

Arghhelp Sat 16-Mar-13 19:53:03

Thanks loads Twistynickers. Just PMed you

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chrisiechrisie Thu 17-Sep-20 11:35:18

Hi Arghhelp, sorry just found your post about the parents' interview with the head at AH. I know it might be ancient for you but would you mind sharing a bit of the questions asked since we are going on Wednesday.
Thank you very much for your time.

Usernamealreadyexists Fri 18-Sep-20 17:55:18

@chrisiechrisie you can’t prepare for the interview with the Head. He either thinks you are a good fit or you aren’t. The above description was our experience.

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