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Found out DD went to a netball match and was left unattended, wwyd?

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npg1 Thu 07-Mar-13 18:30:37

We pay for private education as we thought it would be better, however I am having serious doubts.

2 DD's aged 10 and 6yrs old.

DD enjoyed school until yr3 and then it changed for some reason. She doesnt like PE and is in the D team (A-D teams, A being the best.) The school doesnt see to focus much on the D team, they are just shoved to the side. The a's get loads of help and support and always playig matches. Im not too fussed as DD isnt the sporty type.

Yesterday they went to a school about 25 miles away for a netball match. They were taken down there on a coach with 2 teachers and all the teams. When they got there the D team were left at the sports hall with the other team from the school which was a B team. The teacher then said she was going outside with the other teams and other teacher! They were then left to play a game on their own with no support and got thrashed 31-1 with no guidence and taunting from the other team.

I only knew about this because the head master phoned me this morning and apologised and said it should have never had happened and it was completely wrong and the situation is being dealt with. I didnt say much at the time because I was in shock but now im totally fuming and dont know what to do. I am awaiting an email from one of the mums which has gone to the headmaster.

Any help would be great please

cumbrialass Sun 10-Mar-13 20:11:37

We send 15 teams to a tennis tournament each year.

We don't have 15 members of staff to send with them confused

rabbitstew Sun 10-Mar-13 21:27:35

If all teams had one adult umpiring, all teams had someone to play against, all teams were playing at the same time, and the B team playing against the D team were from a younger year group with there being a reasonable expectation that they were not too far apart in ability, then I agree that the fault really lies with the host school for allowing very unsporting behaviour. If the D team hardly ever get taken out to play matches against other schools, however, it would have been kinder and more supportive for one of their teachers to umpire that game, rather than have them both go out to support the stronger teams outside.

npg1 Sun 10-Mar-13 22:00:56

Thanks everyone for your opinions. Yes perhaps I have over reacted but as I said dd isn't happy there so perhaps it is the final straw.

The fact is that every single match they have ever played therebhas always been a teacher from our school to support the girls. The hm said because they were under staffed that day the pe teacher took the decision apon herself to take them all down there and leave the d's which was was unsatisfactory

follygirl Mon 11-Mar-13 22:24:27

I don't really see what the fuss is all about.

My dd played away at another school. She is in the A team and the B team were also playing. There was 1 teacher from her school and a few parents who were there to support their dds. The teacher from our school refereed the B team's match and our A team were refereed by the other school's teacher.

Our A team played against girls who were in the year above and yes they did get beaten. They didn't get any coaching of course although I suppose they did see/hear some parents encourage them.

The other girls were fairly well-behaved. Didn't appreciate their ref shouting at us and asking if we 'posh parents' had a coin for her to flip, but there you go.hmm

Losing didn't upset my daughter at all. To be honest the standard of netball at our school is so poor that they are used to being beaten. Luckily they take these things in their stride.

Fwiw yes she is at an independent school.

learnandsay Wed 13-Mar-13 10:34:14

Here's a team of grown up women who volunteered to get beaten at football 43-0

It's interesting, but I don't believe schools should be teaching children the right way to learn how to get a thumping. Is there merit (in either of these cases, for an argument which runs along the lines of: if this sport isn't working out for you then maybe you should try doing something else.)

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