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Panic - OFSTED any last minute advice?

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pleasestoparguing Tue 05-Mar-13 20:25:06

Just that please.

MrsShrek3 Tue 05-Mar-13 20:31:45

in your primary school? what's your role?

ofstedconfused Wed 06-Mar-13 08:10:46

Leave immediately by the nearest available route. Switch the lights off and lock all the doors. Have a snow day.

Astelia Wed 06-Mar-13 08:13:19

Have everything printed out ready; targets, attainments, SEN register,lesson plans. Then relax and let it roll.

Startail Wed 06-Mar-13 20:38:06

pray, and I'm an atheist.

You simply need to teach the most perfectly differentiated lesson of your life no child left out and every child being seen to have understood and made "progress".

Good luck.

kennythekangaroo Wed 06-Mar-13 21:29:12

Have a class list identifying groupings, EAL, FSM and SEN. Put it with the most detailed lesson plans you hav ever done!

Be seen targetting qu's to different children not just hands up.

Keep repeating the LO doing mini plenaries in the lesson.

Be able to defend your data and actively show them things.

Do what you normally do, just put extra bells on.

Can you tell we had ours last week- the most stressful 2.5 days of my life. It's like somebody saying I'm going to stab you at sometime in the next 2 days and you never know when.

Thatssofunny Wed 06-Mar-13 22:08:53

Have a chair ready. Plonk your planning and data sheets on it for them to have a look at.

Make sure you prove that you know your class and that what you are doing is what they need to progress. Don't be afraid to change a lesson and teach what they need, if things don't work out as planned. Evidence that you know them through: Planning, targets, highlighted FSM, summer born, boy/girl, SEN, G&T.

Make clear where you are in a unit with your planning and provide them with a general overview of the term/unit.

Have your books marked.

Use good questioning, differentiation, A4L strategies, mini-plenaries - basically, do what you probably do anyway, but make it so idiot-proof and obvious that anybody walking in would know straight away what you are doing and what the point of your lesson is.

Prepare your children at least a little. It's equally weird for them to have strange people walk in, sit in a seat and scribble notes...then wander around and ask them about their books. Mine are used to people coming in,...they aren't used to these people failing to interact with them as usual.

Don't overplan. Don't stay at school for hours. Don't fall asleep in your own lesson obs, because you stayed up cutting out resources all night. Don't try an all singing, all dancing lesson, if that's not how your class usually works.

Good luck. smile

BrigitBigKnickers Fri 08-Mar-13 00:29:28

Make sure the class are very clear what it is they are going to be doing.
Keep mentioning the learning outcome.
If appropriate give the pupils success criteria to focus on what they need to include in their work.
Refer to previous learning.
Refer to where they will go next.
Use AFL/ talk partners/ peer marking.
At the end of the lesson ask them what they have learned/ anything new they have learned/ what they could do different next time/ how they can improve.
Make sure they know what their individual targets are.

(My HT is an OFSTED inspector so we are all trained to the Nth degree as to what they look for!

BigBoobiedBertha Fri 08-Mar-13 00:38:52

I'm no expert or teacher, just a governor who was involved in an Ofsted last term but my advice, if you are a teacher is don't pay it safe. Take a few risks, go slightly off plan if the situation demands it or at least be prepared to adapt slightly whilst keeping your objectives in sight. Show some flare but don't forget to differentiate. Differentiation is key. Our school's teachers who were just satisfactory were those that stuck rigidly to their lesson plan because they thought Ofsted wanted to see that and they were too frightened to improvise and think on their feet. You have to be tuned in to the children.

It all sounds like a lot of balls be juggling to me but good luck. It will all be over soon. smile

PenguinBear Sat 09-Mar-13 13:55:29

Too late to offer advice now so how did it go?

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