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The Study School - New Malden

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fathergoose Sun 03-Mar-13 12:38:32

Any experience? Is it as 'good' as other schools in the area in terms of preparing children for senior education/the opportunities it offers in extra-curricular areas?

We're looking into it for DS to join in Reception and have only the prospectus/web page to go on (we're applying from abroad).

He's a bright boy (although I'm sure everyone thinks that about their own children!), and very sociable. We're keen to send him somewhere with a strong academic focus but also with good sport opportunities.

Any advice or experience would be appreciated. Thanks.

GreenMunchkin Mon 04-Mar-13 13:13:36

I know someone whose daughter went there but she left in 2011. Why are you looking at this school in particular? I believe it's ok (presumably you've read the ISI Inspection Report?) but there are lots of other options both state and private in the immediate area. I'd be looking at a range of schools before settling on one.

Looking at your previous posts, I think you have 2 kids and your DS has only just been born. That means (unless you meant to refer to your DD) that you'd be looking for 2017 entry? A lot can change before then.

GreenMunchkin Mon 04-Mar-13 13:19:28

And you might be better posting on the local boards. There is one for Kingston

Katidoo Fri 05-Apr-13 20:08:30

Hi. My son currently attends the Study school in New Malden. I have been really happy and he loves it. They focus on all round development of your child. They listen and tailor to each child to get the right balance of challenge. The Study has a real community village school feel. The children have friends and playmates across the full range of years (not just in their own class).

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