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primaries in Ross-on-wye

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marialuisa Mon 25-Feb-13 15:56:44

I thought you had a few schools suggested, there aren't really many in Ross itself to choose from?

Not sure whether you're in Ross or not but to be honest lots of kids are driven to school, even in the village primaries (probably more so as so many cover a wide catchment).

Brunocat Mon 25-Feb-13 05:13:37

Ashbridge Park I mean

Brunocat Mon 25-Feb-13 05:12:04

I've posted before but didn't get too many replies on actual schools - please help! Which primaries are good in / near Ross? I really like Whitchurch but am worried that is as 10 minute drive away. Not sure about as bridge as it is still 10 minutes away after getting through Ross, the parking is awful and it's got a new head so could go either way. Any ideas?

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