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Worried about new school policy of more no spelling tests !

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Millie13 Thu 21-Feb-13 16:35:57

My school has recently decided to stop spelling tests altogether which is of great concern to me. How are children therefore going to learn the skill of accurate spelling? There is no other way of monitoring spelling that i know of. Apparently children do well in tests but can't write spelling words correctly in a sentence, which is why tests are being banned. Why can't tests incorporating the spelling word in a sentence be adopted instead?
Our school insists children will pick it up through reading. I agree this may be the case with some children but others are still struggling with reading. How is this approach going to help them ? Surely spelling standards will slip! I am a very supportive parent but I feel that the school is just shooting itself in the foot here, the consequences of which will be evident in the quality of children's writing in years to come.
When I queried the head teacher, her response was that generally all the pupils know the high frequency words which is enough, as these days with technology, spell checkers do it for you. Am I too old fashioned to expect my children to spell as many words as they can accurately without the use of a spellchecker?

grinnbareit Thu 28-Feb-13 22:38:07

Hi my Ds doesn't have spelling tests at his school, they tend to send home lists of words (with a spelling pattern) to copy and then when they are tested they use sentences with the words included. Now he is retaining the spellings but when given the test he is failing miserably, now he has been sent home with the same words? please can someone help me to get my pea sized brain around this confused! if the test is to help the child to retain the spelling pattern to aid them with the spellings, why not use different words using that pattern?

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