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Shocked at the poor state of ds's writing - is this normal for Yr1?

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lecce Mon 18-Feb-13 20:42:53

Have recently acquired all ds's school books and work due to a change of school and, though I feel mean to even think it, I am really disappointed with his writing. So much of it is illegible. There are pages and pages that I just can't make out. The main problem seems to be the way he sets it out on the page, rather than letter formation. It is all so big, and if he runs out of room, he just starts writing vertically. Spelling is good and pretty much all phonetically plausible, but it just can't be read.

The thing is, we had a parents' evening in October and the teacher was so positive. She told us he was in top groups for everything (I realise that what this actually means is dependant on the cohort as a whole), so keen to learn, tries to act on her targets, never been told off, likely to be above expectation by the end of the year. In his books, there are pages of stuff that can't be read, followed by the teacher's comment: "fab work, lovely ideas, try and keep writing the same size next time" - that is a typical comment.

He is a reluctant writer at home but when I get him to write cards etc his writing is a hundred times neater than that he produces at school. I realise this is because of one-to-one help and lack of distractions but this is what worries me - how will he progress if he lacks the ability to remember stuff like starting at the left with a capital unless he is reminded?

I took his books to his new school to show the teacher on his first day and, to my surprise, she did seem impressed and verified that he is Year 1 not Y2 (mixed class at new school). She held up his book to the children and said, "look, 2 pages - he is a writer!" but the quality seems so out-of-kilter with what I read about dc on here doing that I have become worried.

Thanks for reading - would loe some advice.

TheFogsGettingThicker Wed 27-Feb-13 21:26:18

Verugal - I read it as "signals" like smoke signals?

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