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Best iPad app for maths

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RueDeWakening Sun 17-Feb-13 20:59:31

DD uses Squeebles (different apps for different things, mostly 69p), and Dragonbox which is more expensive but an intro to algebra without any numbers.

Ldhl Sun 17-Feb-13 15:05:19

My son is in year4 . School is nt helping enough for studywise . I dnt knw hw to help him for grammere school test. Where to start

Scootergrrrl Sun 17-Feb-13 12:05:14

DivisionFlow, MultiFlow and FlowPlus are free on the App Store for today and they're really good.

Bakingtins Sun 17-Feb-13 11:58:30

You don't say how old they are but my children (nearly 3 and 6) like the EUrotalk Maths 3-5 and Maths 4-6. You can try the first stage for free then they are about £3 for 5 levels. The 4-6 one supports KS1 maths.
My older son also uses Komodo Maths which is an online subscription service, but is more calculation based. EUrotalk does directions, telling the time etc

charlie1967 Sun 17-Feb-13 11:34:37

Hi everyone. My two youngest sons have been using an app for maths over the last two weeks that they have become addicted to.

I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for some others?

The one they are using is called Learn Maths with Beluga.

I love that all the words are read out because my little one isn't a great reader, but is fine at maths.

Only interested in FREE apps really.

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