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Wandsworth: Belleville - how many children leave along the way?

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FranciscanTrip Wed 13-Feb-13 23:16:46

We live near this very oversubscribed school. Just wondering if anyone local / with kids there knows what the turnover is like. We definitely won't get in for reception year, however I'm wondering if there's a possibility we'd get in for Y1, or Y2, or Y3. I'm happy for DD to go to our more local primary and see how it goes, but would be useful to know if it would be worth getting on the waiting list for Belleville and if a place is likely to come up at some stage which we can take if at that point we feel a move there would benefit her.

Same question for Honeywell (although as it is smaller I imagine there'll be fewer people leaving).

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

KandyBarr Thu 14-Feb-13 08:25:22

My DS went to Belleville and it really is a fantastic school. He's 13 now, but when he was there other children in his class did leave now and again. Many French families favoured the school, and a few of them returned to France. Others left at 7 and 10 to join prep schools to increase their chances of getting places at the Dulwich day schools. And there are always families who gave up on London to move to Guildford or wherever. You should be likely to get there.

SavoirFaire Thu 14-Feb-13 20:36:22

Thanks. Any other experiences. Particularly keen to hear from any one who has moved a child in mid school, or knows someone who ha.

anothernicemess Mon 25-Mar-13 16:31:23

Hi SavoirFaire. We moved our DS in Y1 having recently moved to the area. We were on the waiting list for Belleville all summer and finally got a place two weeks into the autumn term. We can't speak highly enough of the school. So far it has been absolutely great and we're delighted to have got a place!

lalalonglegs Mon 25-Mar-13 17:27:10

My daughter started in Y2 - one of seven to join in her class that year. It's not usually such a high turnover but I'd say 2-3 leave each class most years. By Y2, you can generally get in if you live about 6-800m as crow flies.

tiggytape Mon 25-Mar-13 18:02:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

franciscantrip Mon 25-Mar-13 22:20:31

Sorry not been on for a while. Thank you for this. Thanks tiggytape - I was aware about that and this may be our issue as we are a kilometre or so away. Although I guess if 2-3 people in each class leave each year and it is now 4 form entry then there's a chance... We'll just have to see I guess. thanks.

audrey01 Tue 26-Mar-13 14:49:34

My daughter has been on the waiting list for Honeywell / Belleville since Reception. We have been offered a place in Belleville at the beginning of Year 1, but it was for the Meteor site, so still quite a long walk from where we live and wouldn't have made sense to change her from her current school at that point. We have recently been offered a place in Year 1 at Honeywell and she will start there for the Summer term. I am aware that couple of children are expected to leave at the end of Year 1, so lots of chances to get in Honeywell for Y2 (provided that you live relatively close enough - don't forget that starting this September the distance will be measured in straight line rather than the walking route).

franciscantrip Tue 26-Mar-13 23:44:37

Thanks audrey. Out of interest, how far away are you from HW and BV? And in roughly which direction? Thanks.

audrey01 Wed 27-Mar-13 14:28:49

We live close to the Broomwood Rd end of Webbs Rd, so we were no. 1 on the waiting list for Honeywell for some time (and no. 2 for Belleville).

LittleBairn Thu 28-Mar-13 00:07:57

I know Belleville, its great school but huge can be overwhelming for some Kids. My only experience is with R and Y1 there I'd not seem to be too much movement in pupils in and out the School compared to some London state schools.
There is a sizeable French community within the school great if your kids can speak or learning to speak French.

Catchment area was very very small, at least it was a few years ago from the families I knew I would draw around an area from the School stretching towards Clapham Common (by the play ground) along to we're the road separates the two ends of the common all houses within that area seem to have been well placed for catchment.

Honeywell I knew from others experiences is an equally good school.

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