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Some handwriting concerns.

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LouStan1 Tue 12-Feb-13 22:06:44

Hi, I am fairly new to mumsnet, I was hoping that maybe some teachers could give me some advice regarding my sons handwriting.

He is still young, he is 5 next month and in reception at an independent school, he is I think a fairly good reader (reading level 7-8 ORT - Level 8 in school and came home today with a book that said NC 2B on the back), he started reading in nursery on his own. He is however quite reluctant with his handwriting and Im starting to notice that his isn't as readable as some of the other children in his class. He doesn't sound out words when reading anymore and just learns from memory so I am wondering if this would be a problem when he is writing as his sister used to use phonics to sound out when trying to write? He is also left handed and I don't even know if the school are or should be teaching him some sort of left handed way of writing?


meadowwalker Tue 12-Feb-13 22:25:08

Hi Lou, I teach reception and it is really common for writing to lag behind reading as the physical skills needed for writing are quite tricky, especially for summer born boys! Being left handed can bring some extra issues and the school should be helping him make sure his arm doesn't get in the way iyswim. I would concentrate on doing fun things that help him with his fine motor skills at home that might not even be writing e.g. cutting, threading, playdough. That will develop his muscles and make writing easier in the long run. Hope that makes sense!

LouStan1 Tue 12-Feb-13 22:35:42

Hi Meadowwalker, Ive just got him some left handed scissors and some special pencils with indents in them which are supposed to help his grip, should school be using these types of pencils? Also is there a different technique for left handers learning to write, except for the obvious of moving his arm out of the way? Half term coming up on Friday so I shall get the playdough out next week, he does already play lots of lego too which I read is good for fine motor skills?

simpson Tue 12-Feb-13 22:42:45

My DD is in reception and also good at readi g but her writing level is a good bit lower and I have been told its normal.

Does he like to write??

I would encourage him to write in a fun way(letters to family, drawing pictures and labelling them etc.

My DD is also left handed and found letter formation tougher (but she is almost there just had problems with K) and I have found angling the paper to the right so she can right down iyswim much easier for her.

LouStan1 Wed 13-Feb-13 11:02:23

Hi Simpson,

No he isn't really that keen and really doesn't like drawing at all and still can only manage simple faces with not much imagination, seems to be totally off anything creative! In comparison his older sister almost 7 was drawing all the time from a very young age and took to writing well in nursery but was no where near as good a reader as he and average.

Well I did some of the paper turning but he just turned it back :-).

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