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Finton vs Thomas's

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SuiGeneris Fri 08-Feb-13 06:57:26

DS is 3 and over the next few months we will need to decide which school he'll go to. We want a mixed pre-prep and prep that will allow him (and, in due course, DS2) to go on to academic day senior schools (if those suit them).

My gut preference is for Finton, basically due to the headmaster and the staff we have met on open days etc. DH likes Finton a lot but is worried about the possible lack of boys at 8+ and is not keen on potentially moving the boys at 11 and then 13 again. Thomas's is also a short walk, Finton is a long walk or 10 min bus ride. What are people's thoughts? DS is a happy, outgoing boy who loves music and seems advanced for his age in maths (according to his nursery). We are a multilingual family and F seemed better prepared on the subject than T...

timmytoes Fri 08-Feb-13 08:53:01

Most if not all the boys at Finton leave at 7 or 8 . Some go to Dulwich prep schools, others to Northcote Lodge. Thus you will almost certainly have to move DS at 8plus but then not again until 13.

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