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DD born on cutoff date and I want to hold her back - advice please

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coldfingersandtoes Wed 06-Feb-13 19:44:11

DD was born at 9pm on the 31 August, so is therefore due to start school this September. I really strongly believe that this is going to be totally wrong for her. I know that each child is different and some with that birth date are going to be ready, my DD is definitely not one of them! My son is also an august baby and he was young but ready for school and has coped ok. My DD is very young for her age, her speech is only now coming together, she didn't say a word until she was 2.5 and now speaks ok but is still quite far behind other children her age. She really struggles to settle into new places or situations, it has taken her nearly a year to get the hang of nursery and only now is happier about going in. She has a little circle of friends, all of whom will be starting the September after (2014). I desperately want her to start reception that year too rather than this year. I know she doesn't have to legally be in school until she is 5 but then she would miss reception and have to go to year one, which I also don't want her to have to do. I have a meeting with the headteacher tomorrow morning to discuss the situation and I know he is going to try and tell me that cutoff is final and I have no choice. I am going to really fight my corner on this one though, so if anyone has any advice they can offer me tonight I would be grateful, so I can go in fully armed tomorrow!

MiaowTheCat Tue 26-Feb-13 13:40:19

Bliss I know have been hammering away at the cause for prem babies for a while (thankfully?! I had my prem baby due slap-bang in the middle of the year at least so didn't get hit by it!).

I have taught two out of chronological year group children in the past - one independent sector so minimal fuss (what school's going to quibble about an extra year's fees after all?) and one in the state sector - who'd done their nursery year but was obviously really floundering in reception so repeated reception and then progressed up the school with that cohort as her peers (by the time I taught her they were in the upper reaches of KS2 and there was no sign of bullying or anything going on - indeed I don't think it had even dawned on half of them that she wasn't the same age as them - but they couldn't half be an oblivious bunch at times bless 'em!). Her parents then had the second hurdle to jump though - the fight to get her secondary school entrance delayed a year so she could continue on with the cohort she regarded as her peer group - LEA took a good while to consent to doing that as I recall and it was quite an anxious time for mum and dad (and all at the school who were very fond of her).

If it's any consolation one of my school friends was one who missed the cutoff for the next year by about 10 minutes - and we fought out for top place in tests and anything academicr bitterly all the way through school!

bananasontoast Fri 01-Mar-13 13:30:44

Hi OP, this can and has been done, although not always easy. Check out the googlegroup "Campaign For More Flexible School Admissions For Summer Born Children".

califonia Mon 28-Apr-14 08:11:50

Hi, I do want a advise from you. My daughter diagnoses with development delay. she been offer a special need school for her reception . I do want to know has your child catch up her progress and how is she doing now? please reply to me. I am desperate to know.

many Thanks


Unexpected Mon 28-Apr-14 09:12:15

Califonia, this is a very old thread about a completely different topic. You would be better off starting your own thread with an appropriate heading so people with relevant experience can contribute.

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