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School's responsibility for safety at after school events

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simpson Sun 03-Feb-13 21:37:21

When our school do a disco (yr6 leavers for example) the PTA organise the drinks, decorate the hall and provide the food & gifts.

They are there on the night to meet and greet and take photos and to man the food/drink but it is up to the school to provide TAs and teachers for the H&S side of things.

Having said that, I have just thought of the Xmas/Easter craft clubs that the PtA run which are manned entirely by the PTA. There is a set number of places and the PTA recruits enough volunteers to cover each session. If there are not enough volunteers, then less places for the kids are allocated.

On a medical side of things, a couple of the people in the PTA work in the school (as TAs) so will know the history of a particular child (ie diabetic) and it is done straight after school and the teachers are on site if needed (as they work till 5ish) and the school nurse will still be on site too.

Annanon Sun 03-Feb-13 21:24:09

Does anyone know the health & safety protocols for when PTAs or outside agencies use school facilities to host after school events?

Which health & safety checks and procedures should the school ensure are in place before allowing other parties to be responsible for the care and supervision of children on school premises, without parents or teachers present to chaperone. I am thinking of one off events like discos, movies, etc. Any regulations on Adult - child ratios, registers, fire officers, first aid providers, collecting medical histories etc would be most welcome.

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