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All those who applied in Haringey for reception place

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firstfootforward Mon 28-Jan-13 14:59:11

Following on from the primary applications angst thread . . . I recently discovered that in addition to a council tax bill and gas/electric bill or child benefit letter or rental/mortgage statement, Haringey also require proof of your child's date of birth - so a copy of a birth certificate. It doesn't mention this at all in the formal admissions guidance. An advisor at Haringey has acknowledged they've made a mistake with this and suggested I send a copy by post, which I will do. Proof of dob is mentioned in the smallprint at the end of the confirmation email they sent after submission of your application, but I'd imagine lots of people would miss it (and it's a bit late then anyway!). I'm not sure how they'll deal with those who haven't submitted this information - sure they'll just later request this information, as they can't really penalise parents when it's their mistake. Thought I'd point it out anyway, just in case any of the more paranoid parents (like moi smile) wanted to go ahead send a birth certificate to them.

Turniphead1 Mon 28-Jan-13 18:28:08

Thanks for that. Good to know.

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