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Hove Primary Schools - Advice and Catchments please

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cmkp Sat 26-Jan-13 14:55:39

We have fallen in love with Hove and would like to move there in the next few months.We have 2 little boys aged 3 yrs and 8 mths so schools are a priority. However we are struggling to find any schools near to where we would like to live. We really like the roads just North and South of New Church Road because of the big gardens and large 1930s houses, along with the close proximity to the beach and the high street. But the only schools that we have found near there are West Hove Infants which by all accounts is great but impossible to get into unless you live within 600m, and Benfield. Does anyone know more about schools in this area?
We have heard that the schools in Preston Park/Five Ways are great and have seen how beautiful the houses are, however the gardens all seem to be postage stamp size. Does anyone know if it is possible to get big gardens round there, near the good schools and if so, how much would one of those houses be?
Are there other areas of Brighton and Hove we should consider?
Would be grateful for any help and advice.

pinkdelight Sat 26-Jan-13 17:53:31

We looked at the Preston park area a year or so ago. To get a level decent sized garden in catchment for a good primary was well over 500k. There were some for a bit less around Loder / Balfour rd etc but the gardens / houses weren't very big for the money. Decided we could get more for our money in London. We never looked at the Hove side as I understood it's trickier for secondaries there - one not so good whereas in pp both are good. But course all that could change and I think the lottery / catchment system may have been changing anyhow.

summersun2013 Sun 27-Jan-13 13:47:20

Posted by summersun2013 (used to be cmkp).
Thanks very much pink delight. We are both from London but moved out last April because the lifestyle no longer suited us. So moving back there isn't an option. But thanks for the advice. We'll have to worry about secondaries further along the line!

clarexbp Sun 27-Jan-13 21:37:24

Hi Summersun,

have a look at this, you need to scroll down to a table near the end. It tells you how far away you could live and still get into each school last year.

clarexbp Sun 27-Jan-13 21:40:22

Oh, also, there is some talk of an extra class for Davigdor, which should increase their 'catchment' a bit, although it will now be a very large reception intake (150, I think). There was a similar plan for Stanford, but it looks as if that might not come off (more info on the Argus (local rag) website.

Zoidberg Mon 28-Jan-13 20:11:40

I've heard Benfield is on the up if that helps. And you need to live somewhat closer than 600m to West Hove really.

Possibly go for Goldstone Primary and living in the Nevill area for gardens (I guess, though I'm not in that area myself, someone I know has just moved there because they wanted more space). This sort of thing.

summersun2013 Thu 31-Jan-13 21:10:06

Thanks clarexbp and zoidberg for your help. We'll take a look at that area too.
Thanks and hopefully see you there!

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