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Duke of Kent School in Ewhurst, Surrey - does anyone have any experience of this school

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olim984 Fri 25-Jan-13 14:32:09

We are considering a move to the Guildford area and have heard that the Duke of Kent school and Barrow Hills schools are worth considering. Does anyone have any direct experience or knowledge of these schools? We have a year 5 boy and year 1 girl.

Zedlister Tue 23-Apr-13 21:27:37

Hi - it's so hard to find things about the Duke of Kent on-line isn't it?! I went around it the other day and it's wonderful. It felt like such a happy place and seems to be really looking out for each child individually. It's got an amazing setting with unbelievably inspiring views across the Surrey Hills. The family-like feel of the place hits you straight away.

It's not pretending to be an academic hot-house but it does seem to want to get the best out of each child. Class sizes are limited to 18. I've been told that the teaching is good, but what you are really paying for are the small class sizes, hour of sport every day and extended working day 8.20-4.45. With after school activities until 5.45 included in the price.

Go and look around. If you're looking for a friendly, happy school that promises to give your child that extra bit of attention, that class sizes of 30 just don't allow, I'm sure you'll be impressed.

Happy hunting.

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