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Primary schools in SE24/ SE21

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Lozario Wed 30-Jan-13 16:13:07

The West Norwood new school is an extra site for Julians - original site in Streatham. We looked around for our son (starting this Sept) - it's still a bit of a building site but generally got a good feeling from it, not dissimilar to Rosendale. Eventually they will have a 90 intake in the WN site and 60 in the Streatham. (this year it's 60/30 whilst both finish building work)

There is also a new primary starting as part of Dunraven school, which is currently a secondary school. It's more in Streatham really but the reason I mention it is that it's going to be an "all-through" school, and is currently one of the best secondaries in the area, so you'd be guaranteed a place at secondary once in primary. More house for your money around there too.

They do seem to be tackling the shortage around here slowly but surely and not in time for us this September bugger it

GateGipsy Mon 28-Jan-13 16:56:25

oh just saw that you're possibly moving to West Dulwich too, which is where I live. So perhaps Kingswood is another option for you? That's a four form entry school, and really lovely. Every one I know who go there speaks highly of it. It is also run by the same Federation that runs Elm Wood. In fact, it started there, and expanded to Elm Wood when it went into special measures, and brought the school up to outstanding.

Alternatively on the Southwark side you've only really got Dulwich Village. Families from around here have got in there without actually living in the village itself, but you have to reapply to the Juniors, and it can be heartbreaking for them not to get in and move away from friends. The Infants is just so lovely though.

Langbourne could be such a lovely school. It had a really nice head who seemed to put so much effort in. Its in a lovely location with loads and loads of space compared to the Lambeth schools. And yet it continues to do so badly. I hope that Southwark help pull it up, the school has so much potential. Particularly the space.

GateGipsy Mon 28-Jan-13 16:51:50

Yes, Elm Wood is now, as of this year, a two form entry school. So it is now taking in 60 at Reception.

There is a new primary opening in West Norwood, near the station I think?

Fenstanton in Tulse Hill has been taken over by the same Federation that runs Elm Wood, and has had a brand new school built there.

You can apply for schools in Southwark too - I don't live in the borough where my son goes to school.

pinkdelight Mon 28-Jan-13 12:42:25

pinkdelight Mon 28-Jan-13 12:42:13

The head was talking about it when we looked around a couple of years ago. Looks like they finally figured a way to squeeze more kids into the tiny space! Building work starts in March...

knitcorner Sun 27-Jan-13 17:39:19

Elmwoods gone to 60?! Where did you hear that? Is it a permanent increase or a bulge? <hopeful that it's trueblush>

pinkdelight Sun 27-Jan-13 12:46:54

Ps: I think Elm Wood intake has doubled to 60, which is good, but that also means even more siblings!

pinkdelight Sun 27-Jan-13 12:45:53

Definitely follow knit's advice and read up on the catchments. Certainly for Elm Wood and Rosendale you have to be virtually next door to get in. As soon as you get a block of flats between you and the school you can pretty much forget it in that area. Don't buy for the schools unless you're close enough to be sure of a place. It's a flipping nightmare! But well done for starting nice n early.

Happystart Sun 27-Jan-13 10:54:06

Thank you all so much !
kind regards

loverofwine Sun 27-Jan-13 09:44:49

you can apply to Southwark schools too. Community schools are done on distance not local authority.
I would seriously consider Bessemer. For ages it was the sort of school few people wanted their kids to go to but in recent years it has had a new 'super head' and loads of investment. I believe they are x3 form entry now. Last Ofstead was good and improving but the vibe from the parents is really positive.

I think it is often overlooked but is becoming sought after. Kids come from East Dulwich as well as HH and surround.

knitcorner Sat 26-Jan-13 22:28:27

Have you read the Lambeth admissions book and seen the admissions policies for all these schools? i live in se24 and can only dream of getting in any of them!! Things might change by 2016 (you will be reception year by then?), but as it stand the catchments are VERY small or non/existent. Elm wood had 35 sibling applications last year for 30 places. Rosendale is approx 600m but due to a bulge year in 2009 is likely to shrink even further. From what I gather jessops is doing really well and might have a reasonable size catchment (but not more than 1km!).

Lambeth are desperately looking to site a new school in herne hill because of the dire shortage. Unless you are buying next door to a school, you are guaranteed nothing and may well end up at a v poor school miles from where you move. Tread v carefully!

Happystart Thu 24-Jan-13 11:32:55

Dear all,

we are moving shortly to the Lambeth side of Herne Hill or West Dulwich. We have options about the exact location to put an offer in on a house, which will be determined by availibility of a good state primary school. Our children wil be 3 in 2016 - so we are hoping time yet to get on waiting lists.

Does anybody have any recommendations? We think the nearest schools are St Jude's, St Saviours, Rosendale, Jessops and Elm Wood. Because we are on the Lambeth side, I don't think any of the Southwark ones will be an option for us. Does anyone have any views on any of these, or have we missed a good one ! A good atmosphere at the school and academic achievement are some of our key considerations.

Many thanks !

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