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Lichfield, tamworth & nearby.....opinions needed please!

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Aussiesutton Wed 23-Jan-13 03:39:13


We are moving from Australia to the UK. Initially we intended to live in Sutton Coldfield (north Birmingham) but there are no schools that have a place for both my children (yrs 1 & 3) so we have decided to look further afield, into staffordshire. I have read SATs and OFSTEDs til I am blue in the face but would love to hear of people's personal experiences in these areas...

The things I love about the kids' current school is:
- sense of community, buddy systems, families helping eaching other out when something goes wrong
- being encouraged to be actively involved in my kids' education - i am in the classroom helping for a few hours a week
- it is 350 students (a medium sized school here), small enough so everyone knows each other but big enough that the kids have a biggish pool of kids to choose friends from

Look forward to hearing what people think!

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