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Setting up an IEP

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survivingwinter Tue 22-Jan-13 20:09:26

sounds a bit slack to me. Sometimes it can take a while to get a date where SENCO and parents, teacher etc can all attend but I think you need to push a bit by the sounds of it. We only ever get a week's notice for my kids IEP meetings (both mine have one!)

orangepudding Tue 22-Jan-13 19:56:44

Does anyone know how long it takes to set up an IEP in primary school. I asked when my son started in September but the teachers needed to wait for a report from DS's speech therapist which is fair enough.
They had the report in October but it's still not set up. I asked the TA the begining of last week, said she would pass on the message. Asked her again today but she said the SENCO is on Jury service! Does it usually take this long or is DS's school really slack?

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