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junior years: St Gabriels Vs The Abbey

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ThingsWeDo Tue 22-Jan-13 12:53:35

Wise and informed mums please tell me, which is right for a bright DD?
Junior years at St.Gabriels or TheAbbey

Bright but she is so quiet she gets easily over shadowed by any loud bossy friend.

ThingsWeDo Tue 22-Jan-13 19:37:55


redfleur Tue 22-Jan-13 22:32:56

We only had experience of the pre-prep section, DD struggled at St Gs even though she was working several years ahead. Our DD is now dx with Aspergers and ADHD so is never going to fit the mold anywhere...back then we hadn't had her assessed, but I did feel there was a lack of compassion for her at the time.
I know people there with bright girls and they are thriving, I think it is a lovely school with great facilities and the girls are lovely, but it didn't work for our DD.

ThingsWeDo Wed 23-Jan-13 10:31:21

Thanks Red,
I wish you and your DD all happiness!

My DD is unhappy at her current school and its getting worse after the word got out about her trying to move school.

Cavermum Wed 23-Jan-13 12:22:04

Either would be fine, they are both excellent schools.We have friends from who left The Abbey for St.Gabriels only because of the journey. Very happy with the move, but sad to have left.

Where do you live (they must be 25 miles apart)a nd how old is your DD?

The Abbey is much bigger, so there will be a wider range of quiet and loud girls. The Abbey is also sometimes full with waiting lists for some years, so you should keep your options open unless you have had a firm offer from both schools.

ThingsWeDo Wed 23-Jan-13 12:49:29

I live in basingstoke Cavermum! But I hate my starter home so much I would love to move the first chance I get... [glad DH wont see my post]

DD is my 7 yr old, very beautiful brown girl. So I have other concerns about her happiness too. You are right about keeping my options open until an offer is made..... fingers crossed.

redfleur Wed 23-Jan-13 13:47:51

With that drive, I would opt for St Gs unless you are moving Reading way. If you are heading for Reading, then there are lots of other private school options. We're very happy with our choice!

Cavermum Thu 24-Jan-13 10:17:00

The journey is a crucial consideration, I think Basingstoke is way too far away from Reading, for starters the traffic on the A33/Shinfield Road is a nightmare in the morning, and she would have few/no schoolfriends that live nearby.
If you are going to move to Reading anyway, I would also have a look at St.Joseph's Prep too, it has an excellent reputation for pastoral care, and the fees are much cheaper. also have you considered Daneshill? Any good school will support a bright child.
However I'd be very wary of moving house just for a school, if your daughter has interested parents, she should thrive anywhere.

ThingsWeDo Thu 24-Jan-13 10:56:11

Daneshill is a totally weird experience. I had pros[happy kids] and cons[academically v easy] and decided to go for it as its closer to my home. After an exam and a tester day they say they counted wrong and dont actually have room for her confused
Or may be they did not like us. DD is a high achiever possibly too much for them to handle and certainly she did not fail their exam.

I agree 40 minutes a day travel each way for a child is not recommendable. The secondary school options here are rubbish and quiet a lot of kids travel outside to good schools. I am not working now [illness] and my DH does not work anywhere near southeast. So nothing really is holding us down to basingstoke. I just got to plan a happy school life for DD and travel along. My nickname ThingsWeDo says a lot doesnt it

ThingsWeDo Wed 25-Jun-14 11:50:57

St Gabriels was a big mistake.

WalterWhiteMakesBlue Wed 25-Jun-14 13:09:46

Oh no! So sorry it didn't work out. It's heartbreaking to watch your child not flourish at school, especially after a move. Will you move her?

bstokemum Fri 17-Oct-14 13:43:24

Hello ThingsWeDo...we are thinking of moving our 7 yr DD to St G...can ou plz share your experience at St G?

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