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How much progress have your reception Dc made so far?

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Annanon Tue 22-Jan-13 12:52:27

My Dd is 5 and in reception. She joined in the nursery year, settled in really well straight away and flourished. However, I am finding the pace of the reception year extremely slow and am struggling to see what she has learnt so far this year, in terms of basic numeracy and literacy. She has spent the whole of last term re-capping what she learnt in the nursery year. Her end of term report read almost exactly like the one from the term before, in the nursery (e.g. knows single letter sounds, can blend CVC words, can count to 20 and identify 2d shapes).

What is typical for a reception class to have covered so far?

AbbyR1973 Thu 24-Jan-13 22:13:23

Annanon, I don't think you are pushy at all- to me it seems you just want your DD to be able to develop skills at her own pace rather than "waiting." I see no reason why this isn't a reasonable thought. I was told right from the beginning that DS1's state school has exactly that ethos.
If a child is ready and interested why shouldn't they be offered something more to their ability. I'm sure no-one is advocating tying reception children to desks to do 3Rs all day.
DS1 also Reception arrived at school reading ORT 4 equivalent. He has been allowed to progress with reading to gold band. He was good with phonics sounds when he started so when the others were doing the basics he was given something to do with a TA. He will now be going to year 1 for phonics. He could write letters etc when he started school and would write shopping lists etc but was not even remotely interested in doing anything more, now he seems to want to write all the time. The best thing is he loves reception because as far as he thinks he spends a most of his time playing and hasn't really realised he is doing anything different from the others.
Children are all different so why can't or shouldn't they be treated as such. We need an education system responsive to the individual needs of the child.

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