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If you are a 2A in reading?

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readingquestion Fri 18-Jan-13 23:04:33

At this point in Y2 what level would you expect to finish the year on?

simpson Fri 18-Jan-13 23:59:14

3c possibly a 3b....

I would ask the teacher tbh....

What level did your child finish on at the end of yr1??

juniper904 Sat 19-Jan-13 01:35:50

It depends how they're assessing reading.

Our APP tends to give higher levels than the end of year assessments (I'm year 3, so we do optional QCA papers rather than SATs).

I would expect a least 3c, but a 3b might be overly ambitious for year 2, depending on the cohort, the quality of texts they're exposed to, and the amount the teacher wants to stretch them.

PastSellByDate Sat 19-Jan-13 02:11:41

Hi readingquestion:

First - a level 2a in Y2 is doing well so early in the year. (For expected progression see Mumsnet learning pages here: - as you can see the expected level of progress for end Y2 on KS1 SATs is a 2b).

Second - in our area at least, in KS1 once you are working at NC Level 3 you are told you are, but they won't tell you the sub-level (same for formal SATs results). Suffice it to say if you are told your DC is working to Level 3 this means they are working well above expected level of achievement and are doing well.

What you need to bear in mind though is in KS2 (Y3 - Y6) your child should make at least 2 full levels of progress above what was achieved at end of KS1 (end Y2 SATs). So if your child achieved NC Level 3s in English/ Maths/ Science - you should be expecting NC Level 5 at least by end Y6. This is really important, because this is considered a reasonable expectation and a good school would achieve at least this. What you really want to see is them stretching our child slightly beyond - but that would mean your school is outstanding and that's not all schools.


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