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Teacher humiliating reception child for wetting pants

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TalkingToTheWoodlice Fri 18-Jan-13 00:02:16

In front of the whole class. It's always wrong isn't it? However often the child does it and whether or not the teacher thinks it was avoidable. I know the answer really but I need galvanizing to report it.

Fanjango Fri 18-Jan-13 00:06:15

What did the teacher do? Many reception aged kids have accidents so teacher should be used to the protocol of what to do in this sort of circumstance.

TalkingToTheWoodlice Fri 18-Jan-13 00:11:02

Stood child up on carpet and berrated her not trying, making a mess, spreading germs. Left her to stand wet and crying for five minutes.

recall Fri 18-Jan-13 00:17:01

BASTARD TEACHER shock report !!

TomDudgeon Fri 18-Jan-13 00:17:26

My teacher did something similar to me when I was in the infants

Mrs Taylor you are a cow and I have never forgiven you

Fanjango Fri 18-Jan-13 00:18:16

Okay. I would take this up with the head. A child of this age needs to be treated with respect. If this happens often with the same child then maybe the teacher was losing their patience but that is still no excuse for poor management of a classroom situation.

WaynettaSlobsLover Fri 18-Jan-13 00:18:36

That's disgusting and the horrible teacher should be hauled in for a disciplinary. This can scar a child for life and is something they never forget. Poor poor little girl sad. Wtf is wrong with these 'professionals'? My dh is a teacher and would be horrified if he had read this.

DeepRedBetty Fri 18-Jan-13 00:18:45

You have to report this. Absolutely not on, for any child of any age.

Greensleeves Fri 18-Jan-13 00:20:13

That teacher should be out of that classroom quicker than Concorde

That is completely unforgiveable

This is one of those times when "maternally enraged gorilla" is the right approach!

Your poor little girl sad angry

tethersend Fri 18-Jan-13 00:23:26

As a teacher, I am horrified.

Complain. Loudly.

That teacher should not be working with children.

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 18-Jan-13 00:24:15

report. stay calm though.

when DS was 4 and in nursery he pooed his pants - and they left him in them all afternoon.
they said they thought it was sand. clearly you could smell it wasnt. when i complained the head told me he was "an animal who needed to be trained"

i removed him from that school very soon afterwards.

DeepRedBetty Fri 18-Jan-13 00:25:53

Vicar that's horrible.

How are you BTW?

TalkingToTheWoodlice Fri 18-Jan-13 00:28:03

The child wasn't mine. I observed the incident as a helper. I will speak to the head tomorrow. I hate conflict but I know I need to do something. If the head is dismissive does it warrant a call to OFSTED?

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 18-Jan-13 00:29:12

im muddling through thank you red! sort of. smile

it was horrible. thats why i moved him. i could have slapped that head teacher....he is not an animal. She never had showed!

DeepRedBetty Fri 18-Jan-13 00:34:48

Sorry Vicar you probably don't realise I'm someone else under a NC. (Knickers).. you were having some shit times last time we 'met'.

Woodlice shall we decide what to do if the Head is dismissive only if he IS dismissive? I'm a big fan of crossing bridges when I come to them.

tethersend Fri 18-Jan-13 00:38:06

If the head does nothing, phone the LA and speak to the safeguarding advisor.

Good on you for reporting.

colditz Fri 18-Jan-13 00:55:15

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TheNebulousBoojum Fri 18-Jan-13 01:39:17

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

KatieLily12 Fri 18-Jan-13 01:55:18

I think you need to discuss this with the head as a safeguarding issue. Completely unacceptable. I've been safeguarding officer in several schools & if its the case that the officer is separate to the head who turns out not to be very sympathetic, involve the officer too. Be calm but clear, this is not acceptable behaviour in any adult especially one lucky enough to have the opportunity to be in charge of children.

I loathe teachers who clearly do not care for children.

learnandsay Fri 18-Jan-13 08:58:13

The teacher needs a new job as a prison guard.

Yika Fri 18-Jan-13 09:02:30

Absolutely appalling. Definitely take it up with the head.

cogitosum Fri 18-Jan-13 09:04:11

This happened to me when I was about 6 (older than reception blush )

I still remember it now and feel shame so I'd say report. Looking back my mum wasn't happy I'd been humiliated and never liked the teacher (she still says that now) but I don't think reporting was really done in those days

auntevil Fri 18-Jan-13 09:45:56

Berating in front of the class is wrong - whatever the reason.
Just be aware that some smaller children do use toileting as a tool as it can be something they can control - but not always which is where knowing the child comes in to it.

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Fri 18-Jan-13 09:56:33

OP - The teacher's behaviour is terrible and you should report it to the head. I'd be interested to hear what (s)he says.

Colditz and Nebulous - Can I just say how distasteful and inappropriate I find your comments about firebombing / taking a rifle into an infants' school. Especially in light of the recent events in the US. I find this way beyond a reasonable joke, especially on a serious thread on the Primary Ed board.

wheresthebeach Fri 18-Jan-13 12:18:40

Report it asap. That's appauling.
Agree with Ghoul....

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