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Hampstead primaries - NBH/St Mary's/Hampstead Hill

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Nw8AR Wed 23-Sep-15 12:57:00

My daughter goes to Hampstead hill. And now has been offered a place NBH

I love Hampstead hill school. But is NBH better?

horsemadmom Fri 18-Jan-13 07:33:10

All 3 of my children went to HH and LOVED IT! The extended hours and flexibity were perfect. DD1 left at 4+, DS at 8 and DD2 at 7+. All to tip top schools. They all still visit HH to update Andrea and their old teachers. As a family, we absolutely loved it. Girls leave HH at 4+ or 7+.
DD2 (long story) moved to NBH. We are really happy with it. Frankly, the only impact of being a Cognita school is that they only fundraise for charity, never for the school. Educationally, it has been really great. The teachers have been brilliant. Emails returned quickly, always available to talk, 'get' the kids, painless 11+ prep. Nice spirit of giving everyone a chance in sport, the arts etc. After school clubs have been superb- DD has tried different ones every term. The Royal School merger has been done really well,IMO. The girls kept their teacher (not sitting 11+) and are doing all non-academics with NBH girls. DD reports that they are all really nice. Only downside- the food isn't great but the school is well aware and changes are being made.

remp Thu 17-Jan-13 22:08:37

I am starting to look for primaries for my DD in the region and I am struggling a bit with the options at the moment. I am considering at the moment NBH, St. Mary's and Hampstead Hill as among the ones that have an intake at 2+. I could get a lot of information by reading the forum but wanted to raise the topic again, specially as NBH seems to be going through a yet unproven transformation with Cognita and the merge with RHS. Does anybody have an update about the situation? I read some people are pulling out their kids, but I wonder what has really happened with staff, teachers, etc. Would the "new-NBH" be able to maintain the great reputation it has? For St Mary's I could see that some people may be concerned it is not academic enough but they seem to have good 11+ placements (a lot of tutoring going on?) besides great school grounds, any additional feedback? I'm yet to visit HH and the extended hours are really helpful but I heard some mixed reviews about their facilities and they seem to be more of a 7+ prep than a 11+. another thing I can avoid considering is that, out of this three options, only NBH participates in the Camden's nursery grant scheme and as it seems the grant will increase (calculated over 25h rather than 15h) from this year, it should makes an quite an impact th 2 years the child is entitled to receive it. There are other options for 3+ and 4+ intake like Sarum Hall, St Christopher's and Phoenix but I'd like DD to start earlier, at least on a part time basis, and avoid selective admissions at such an young age.

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