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Any experience of "Special Measures"?

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chuckerbuttypat Thu 17-Jan-13 14:08:54

yes, feetheart, very impressive explanation

SocialButterfly Wed 16-Jan-13 20:07:15

Thanks feetheart that's helpful

feetheart Wed 16-Jan-13 16:32:23

DC's school went into Special Measures last Christmas. A new head had started that Sept, was heading in right direction but hadn't had enough time to sort things out.
It was absolutely the best thing for the children though very hard for staff I think. Lots of changes, staff leaving, lots of observations, raising of expectations, etc. We were paired with a local 'Outstanding' school and staff came in to support our staff. Governing body were also 'sidelined' in favour of an 'Interim Executive Board' which was no bad thing.
DD (Yr 5 now) has REALLY benefited as her year group are an 'interesting one'. DS (now Yr2) hasn't been affected as much as he has a lovely year group and has had fabulous teachers.
Education standards have risen A LOT and lots of interesting things are happening to make learning fun.

They came out of Special Measures just before this Christmas (very quick I have been lead to believe) and are still heading upwards smile

Best thing to have happened to the school in my opinion though having a very driven head has helped.


SocialButterfly Wed 16-Jan-13 16:17:31

We have just been told our school is in special measures. I have one in Yr 4 and one in Yr 1. It also seems to be a foregone conclusion that we will be made in to an academy, although they will only say that we are in consultation about it. We have a new consultant head teacher who has been brought in to sort it all out.

Has anyone been through this? How have you found it? How long was it before you saw an improvement?


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