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Anyone know what Is expected at the "getting to know you" assessment at Wimbledon Common Prep School?

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Schoolcrazy Sun 13-Jan-13 20:18:25

I'm new to this site and hope that some one can help with a concern I currently have.
My Ds, only 2yrs 10 months is due to have his "getting to know you" session at Wimbledon Common prep school very soon. I have know idea what the school will ask and I am desperate for him to pass the assessment at first hand- as this is really the only school I feel is perfect for him.
Baring in mind he is not even 3 years old, I have heard that assessments may include writing his name, sequences, reading 3 letter words? Etc...
Can anyone shed any light on the above, so that I can try to prepare him for this.
Any feedback is most appreciated.

Clothqueen Sun 13-Jan-13 20:38:31

My son is going to this and no point worrying. They want to know if they can interact well with other children, are teachable ie they will sit still and listen to a story and an overall impression including if they are able to cope without parent there. My son knows his shapes, basic colours, basic counting to ten and recognises his letters and name. Never heard of them asking them to write their name and of your son goes to a nursery they will ask for a report. You do need to know that they have recently decided not to have a year three after end of next year, so your son will need to take an exam at 7+ to go to another school.

Schoolcrazy Mon 14-Jan-13 13:45:24

Thanks for this.. Hope all goes well on the day! Thanks for letting me know re- year 3!

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