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ds is being bullied at school. How can we help him?

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edam Sun 13-Jan-13 10:05:40

ds got all upset at bedtime and told me there was something he'd been bottling up. Apparently some of the other boys at school (Year 5) are being unkind to him - calling him names and making fun of him.

He says when they line up to go back inside after playtime, some of them won't stand next to him - they all rush to the queue and if one of them ends up next to ds, he'll go to the back of the line.

He's being called a wimp and a nerd and teased for having some friends who are girls. And the boy who sits next to him in maths is apparently mean and puts a ruler in between him and ds because he doesn’t want to have anything to do with ds. (This is a boy I’ve heard other parents complain about but I’ve never responded beyond a ‘hmm’ or ‘that’s terrible’ because I’ve never had any reason to criticise him.)

The group of people who are 'mean' in ds's words includes a boy who started at the school last term and ds was given the job of befriending - we've had this boy round to play frequently and they were friends until this term. ds has always been such a happy little boy, with loads of friends coming round to play. sad

I don't want him to stop answering questions and working hard. He isn't into football and is no good at ball games - which has never bothered him or anyone else before. Maybe we need to play some ball games with him at home...? While also obviously talking to his teacher. sad I'm also going to look up Kidscape but would be really grateful for any advice.

edam Wed 16-Jan-13 22:57:00

Update: dh and ds went into school this morning to talk to ds's teacher. She's been great - really supportive, reassuring, and keen to act. Before hometime today the two teachers gave the whole year group a talk about bullying, and they are going to move the boy who sits next to ds in one lesson and is horrible to him. <fingers crossed> it works - but I'm glad school has taken it seriously and glad ds feels everyone has listened to him.

mummatotwo Wed 16-Jan-13 23:30:40

Edam - im sort of going through the early stages and am going into school tom to suggest DS gets moved from a boy in his class who is picking on him, name calling etc... keep us informed of how its going

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