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Urgent - Good primary schools (reception class) in LEYTON, London E10?

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ds3ce Thu 03-Jan-13 13:47:06

Hi Ladies,

I am new here. Does any one have any experience with primary schools in Leyton? I need to apply for reception class admissions before 15th January 2013 and I am trying to find OFSTED reports on schools close to us.

Any advice, any schools you recommend or any to avoid? I can see Riverley Primary School has issues with Ofsted so we won't apply for that one.

Thank you!

narmada Thu 03-Jan-13 21:45:32

Put your postcode into Ofsted's search engine and it will show a list of schools near you and will also provide links to the most recent ofsted reports.

A couple of words of caution - don't just go on Ofsted reports! They are not the whole story. You need to visit schools and look around to see which ones you think will be best for your child. A school's leadership may have changed since the last inspection and the institution may have got dramatically better or worse.

Second, check out the admissions criteria for the schools you like the look of. It is by no means guaranteed that you will be offered a place at your first choice school. E.g., some schools privilege applications from church/ mosque/synagogue goers and some, especially in London and surrounds, only generally admit those who live within a very short distance of the school gates (think less than a km away). Sometimes 500m is the max distance a school has admitted from in recent years. I am not saying this to scare you but you do need to be fully informed about how the admissions process works before you can make your choices.

narmada Thu 03-Jan-13 21:45:59

Oh, and welcome to mumsnet smile

ds3ce Thu 10-Jan-13 12:27:01

Thank you narmada. smile

I will have to come on here more often!

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