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Primary school application angst - support thread?

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Lozario Tue 01-Jan-13 21:40:59

So I'm lying here attempting to have an early night as can hardly sleep for worrying about our primary school application for DS1. But of course I can't sleep. Again sad

We live in a borough of south London where small children seem to outnumber adults about 20 to 1. Found out last year that we might no longer live close enough to our closest primary school - a 3 form entry approx 580 metres away. All other schools are a drive away. It's going on our list as number 1 but looking unlikely.

DH is one of those lucky people who can tell himself "you have no control over this, worrying won't achieve anything, so don't worry and see what happens". I am not one of those people; am self-confessed control freak and struggling with the basic concept of my PFB starting school in Sept at all, let alone which school it might be!

April seems a long way away, especially if I don't sleep between now and then, and so I wondered if there are any other insomniac mums out there with kids (supposedly) starting primary in Sept 2013 who might like to join me in a virtual wine or brew ??? DH is sick of my constant anxiety!!!

Iggity Sat 09-Feb-13 21:17:35

We have had a rejection from the one private school we applied to. Have been put on the waiting list but not too bothered....just more bothered about the actual rejection.

Well our number one choice school was in the local paper this week after they got an outstanding ofsted report. We just have to wait and hope that we get it as the private school was going to be our fallback. Not sure how much the fee deposit was going to be but given they have already had 50 quid from us, was not keen on giving them anymore! We are trying to plan a holiday and need to go before the results come out and before the school Easter hols! Last chance to get away before the school hols start impacting!

Lozario Sat 09-Feb-13 22:20:51

That's a shame Iggity but the deposit probs would have been non-refundable and massive - ours would have been £1000! We just can't throw that kind of money away. In a way the waiting list is better if it gives you until beyond the primary school results day rather than having to make a decision now so it might all work in your favour; the "rejection" is horrible though and based on what - they're 3/4 years old!! Poor little mites!

We're staying on the list for reconsideration at 7+ admission though - figured if it goes tits up then surely the first couple of years doesn't really matter anyway!

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