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Primary app deadline looming- feeling twitchy

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prh47bridge Sun 30-Dec-12 20:14:02

Putting six down does not make any difference to your chances at appeal but I would always use all the preferences allowed. If there are no places available at any of the schools named you will be allocated a place at the nearest school with places available. That will be an unpopular school, may be a long way from home and may be a school you find completely unacceptable. If you fill the remaining spaces on your list with unpopular schools you find acceptable it is likely you will get a place at one of those if none of your top 4 come up.

Lozario Sun 30-Dec-12 19:11:24

I've heard that you've a better chance at appeal if you've put 6 down, whether or not that's true I've no idea but we're going to do that just in case! We're 50 metres out of last years catchment for our favourite and closest school so we need all the help we can get hmm

Oh and I'm just resigned to no sleep until mid-April at the earliest... It's so stressful!

fairydustallover Sun 30-Dec-12 18:32:28

I've applied in November but obviously you can make changes up until the deadline.

I've put four schools down but I'm feeling twitchy about it. Should I put more?

How am I going to cope till Mid April aaaaaarrrgh shock

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