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Ok sudden departure of head mid term -is this bad?

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mam29 Sat 29-Dec-12 00:13:57

Thankfully I escaped it as moved dd after half term but kind of thourght this may happen but not this quick and still have worried freinds at old school.

Today one of dds freinds mums was going through bookbag and stapled to daughters picture was a letter saying current head was retiring immediatly and deputy would be acting head until replacement found.

The school use texts-no text sent

nothing said by teachers to parents or pupils last day term.

nothing on website.

hes been head for nearly 15years find it really odd.

I knew hes been sick last few weeks as hear from other parents.

I know some parents think hes the issue but think problems in the school are greater than that high staff sickness, lots of temporary staff, falling attainment, downgraded ofsted, the old deputy head was on and off sick for years . A lot of junior parents mostly unhappy.

The deputy head teaches mixed year 4/5hunior class-so now she needs a replacement and part time has year 6teacher covering which seems unfair as year 6important year and their sats compared to other local schools not too good.

Im guessing hardly any parents know as not many would look in depth in bookbag -no warning.

Anyway ofsted downgraded summer term last year to satisfactory will they revisit within year?

As another primary was put in special measures partly due to no head and had total clearout and 2new heads brought it.

I dont know how long will take to recruit my guess is new person wont start until sept next academic year so 6months uncertainty.

Its all bit od wondering why out the blue and no communication?
surly be better to drag him out until end of summer term as figurehead rather tahn leave no one at the helm?

I dont know it being faith school if new head has to be of faith but think they need a strong expereinced candidate to shake things up again.

A few already moved. freinds mums asking should she move?
I can see lot of people really annoyed and possibly lead to more moving and next round applications of reception being down.

But then read here and maybe special measures is what the school needs.

Feel bit sad as did like the old head personally he was nice enough chap but I was unhappy with lots of things schools did and dident do.

Guessing deputy in temporary position can only make reactive chnanges and play musical teachers again and get in more supply.
The budgets, policies and classes already set for this year so fail to see how she can make much impact and move school fowards considering whats happened.

oh saying well done me but kind of feel sad too im slightly puzzled by schools actions seems really bad move and thourght heads would have to give terms notice like teachers.

herecomestherainbloodyyetagain Mon 31-Dec-12 12:11:57

Your child has left and this is not really going to affect you so it's just idle gossip.

Might I suggest you spend your time on something more useful instead such as learning to post in a more readable style, using paragraphs as your dreadful lists of garbled sentences are hard to deal with

teacherwith2kids Mon 31-Dec-12 14:51:18


I had always assumed that mam's first language was not English?

crazymum53 Mon 31-Dec-12 15:20:53

If Head's are planning on moving to another school or job, then there is a longer notice period than that for teachers. However when retiring on health grounds, which sadly often happens, the usual notice period doesn't apply.
The LEA would provide advice to the school governors about the procedures for appointing a permanent Head and support for the Acting Head to enable her to lead the school. It is up to the governors to make sure that the deputy's class is covered during this period and that an effective leadership structure is in place.
This situation could affect parents who are applying for primary school this year and could deter some from applying to this school or make it a lower preference. This could have a knock on effect on school applications for September that could effect the OP if she is applying for a school place for her child this September.
teacherwith2kids I agree - had assumed the same as you about the OP.

yellowsubmarine53 Mon 31-Dec-12 15:23:49

I think that's fairly obvious too teacher, and very unfair to berate OP about.

I don't think people are being harsh tbh - it is hard to see what OP hoped to gain from a thread on MN.

bamboostalks Mon 31-Dec-12 16:07:47

"The fact it had a bad ofsted and poor sats was the icing on the cake." Do you realise how tese comments sound? Strange to be wasting your precious time back slapping yourself in a congratulatory manner. The head could have a terminal illness for all you know. Just concentrate on the new school, they are lucky to have acquired you.

Ilovesunflowers Mon 31-Dec-12 17:25:49

Maybe the poor man didn't want a fuss made and requested parents were informed in a 'non fuss way'. You need to leave this alone. Your child doesn't even attend the school anymore. It's none of your business.

madwomanintheattic Tue 01-Jan-13 01:12:15

Not native English? I beg to differ. But it is v PA to suggest not, and made me laugh a wee bit. grin will castigate self, obv.

jamdonut Tue 01-Jan-13 16:12:19

Our head went very suddenly,not long after our slip into special measures. It was just announced to the children in a sudden assembly,and everyone was very upset. No notice to the parents till the end of the day,in a letter,nothing anyone could say or do.
The drafted-in, extra, deputy head, became acting head. We are now greatly improving, but the school has had a high turn-over of staff in the last year-18months, so those of uswho are left are not very happy bunnies.And exhausted.

lougle Fri 04-Jan-13 08:50:31

I doubt text message would be seen as an appropriate way to convey this sort of information.

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